Sea of Thieves

This game is the worst.

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - This game is the worst.

….is what absolute squids say. I'm sitting at my desk on the Friday before 4th of July week, and avoiding work like a sloop avoids a galleon with it's lights on. So I'm gonna let you guys know why I absolutely love this game.

I'm a hair south of 30, with a 10 month old daughter (congrats to me on the sex). Also not sure if the period goes inside or outside the parenthesis in that situation. Anyway, point is, I don't really have a ton of time to sit down and grind this game out. I've been playing since the Beta, and I'll probably be Pirate Legend right around the time the US hosts the World Cup in 2026.


I play once a week with my brother in law, sisters boyfriend, and usually a fourth, most usually my sisters boyfriend's 11 year old cousin, who is the absolute definition of a squeaker. Last week we were loaded up with loot and got smoked right before unloading at an outpost. Had a blast. Last night, we took down our second skelly fort, sinking a galleon and a sloop in the process. Had a blast. One time we just sailed around and I spent half the night blowing everyone up with barrels. Guess what we had? A blast. Pun totally intended.

This game gives me a few hours a week to stay in touch with people in my life who are important to me, and occasionally ruin some other people's evenings. Rare, you guys are awesome, and keep it up.

Like I said, this post was just to avoid doing some work in the dog days of summer. So everyone raise some grog, and happy sailing! I hope I run into some of you on the seas and steal your loot!

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