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This game needs more substantial content…..

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I love the game! I play at least 6 hours everyday and the updates they add have been cool and ok but the problem is that they are emergent content and not substantial. What I mean is the the things they have added thus far haven’t really changed/mixed up the core loop of the game instead just adding things that pop up here and there to do or to encounter and once there done you either A. Won’t see them until a few hours later (ship battles/forts) or B. They appear and may or may not attack you or effect gameplay at all (meg). FS I would say is a mix of both considering the devils roar is just the same voyages on islands with volcanoes. Also the problem with this emergent content is when it’s first added they make you do it over and over again to obtain commendations which makes it not cool anymore and your sick of doing it afterwards.

BGA I would also prefer have more substantial content and not throw away stuff like it currently is and seems to be moving forward. I think these bi-weekly events could easily add new enemy types like GP skeleton and new voyage types but sadly they are just small emergent pieces of content that are done once and don’t affect gameplay at all besides gp skellies.


I think Rare really needs to start adding new voyage types and mechanics that really change up the gameplay for this game to have a long shelve life. I honestly thought by now we’d have at least 1 or 2 more trading companies and more content for PL. Rare just needs to focus on this stuff more than any new ai threat or any other emergent content. I know that they have said cooking and fishing “soon”problem is that right now there running out of time! What I mean by that is other more fleshed out multiplayer games are coming out this fall and is for sure going to fragment the player count even more.

Another thing is that this request has been the top feedback point since launch and imo I would have rather have had 3 new trading companies/ mechanics rather than skeleton ships. I’m hoping the future is bright for this game and becomes another R6S but has it seems now things the future seems a tad bit dim.

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