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This has to be said…..

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Do you ever realize the majority of complainers are solo sloopers? they complain about everything that’s added to this game and want it to be changed to fit them and there needs. Well I hate to break to them but this game wasn’t designed for solo play at all! In fact the sloop was a afterthought that was added in the later part of last year. In there developer vid they specifically said that sloop would be a more challenging experience compared to the other ships because it would be vulnerable to all the threats presented out at see.


Now recently a lot of these sloopers have been complaining about FS saying it’s to hard. Why wouldn’t be? If the other regions are supposed to be semi difficult for you why would a harder region not be more difficult? It makes no sense! Rare have stated this region wouldn’t be suitable for solo play yet a bunch of them have decided go to there, DECIDED not forced then complain about the volcanoes etc. The funny thing is the feedback they give which is essentially make it like the other regions is completely against the point of this region! Also it would make it easier for multi person crews which is what the game is designed for not solo people. It would make the rewards lower because the reason there so high is because of the difficulty.

Thing is to that this isn’t new it’s gone on before with previous updates and the reason I making this is to make the sloopers who are unaware aware that the sloop was designed to be more difficult.

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