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Thoughts from a returning player.

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I want to say I was someone so hyped for this game. I played betas and followed the game got my friends hyped. When the game released I defended it. It had problems, but the core game was amazing I played for about a month and half then stopped. Not because it was boring or dead. I just didn't want to burn out before more content released, and me and my friends were just busy. I just want to give thoughts of what the game feels like now from someone who went dark for awhile.

Let's start with the bad, and get this out of the way. First thing me and my friends did was the limited time story for the event. The idea is good I want lore and some backstory for this world, but I am sorry it was just so boring. I only get a couple days a week to play with my friends. We are just busy and at a point it's hard to make plans, so wasting the two hours on the story where all you do is just sail across the world picking up notebooks kinda sucks. I want more stories, but can we get some boss fights or get treasure? I know in the end you get sails but it didn't feel worth it to me. I also understand it builds up to the skeleton ship fights, but you don't need to do the story to do the fights. On rewards me and my friends fought the Meg it was a ton of fun, but no treasure? I figured after the Kraken Rare would figure we want something for something difficult.


On the good I have to say to Rare good job on all the quality of life changes that were needed. Things like moving the boxes apart, bells and ship shaking on cannon hits. I was afraid Rare would have tunnel vision after the content debate that they may leave small things like this, but they took it slow to make sure the core game worked. Also love the new stuff the new ship is fun, and perfect for me and my two friends. The alliance system is awesome I also can't get over how fun fighting skeleton ships are. This update was finally the update to get me to play with a random crew, and have an absolute blast. When I quit for awhile it was a blood bath in this game. Ships almost always chased, and attacked on sight now people seem calm. People will sail past wave, or talk and ask for help and form an alliance. Some have been evil and tricky, but this is what I always wanted from this game. This update has been a blast and got me back into this game. For this I wanted to say great job Rare for all the hard work.

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TL;DR: been gone from the game awhile. Talking about how Rare did a great job so far on content. Also sorry formatting did this from a phone.

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