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Thoughts on progression (a conversation I had with a friend while playing today)

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So I've heard a bunch that the whole point of not being able to upgrade anything but looks is purely to make sure a new player and a legend are only different in the experience they have. not the stats of the weapons they grounded for.

I love this idea and think it should stay. Keeping everyone on an even playing field in pvp and having them only rely on their skills behind a blade or gun is something i love about his game.

So hear me out here…

Maybe it's been said before…

Progression for non-PvP related items? Like a shovel that digs faster, a lantern that shines brighter and stuns shadow skeletons longer. Things that would have no impact on enemy pirates or give you an advantage against them


Of course nothing like a bucket that holds twice as much water, that's let you repair your ship faster giving you an advantage. (let it be known that i originally typed grog instead of water at first without thinking. you can tell what my pass-time is on long voyages) And no spyglasses that let you see further.

It'd just be nice to see your feats of piracy be rewarded in a way that you can feel and not just see. I think this could be a healthy balance.

TLDR: Progression but for non-pvp items. i.e. fast digging shovels.

EDIT seconds after posting: What if things like this were directly tied to your levels instead? High level Gold Hoards can dig chests faster. High level OoS do more damage to skeletons. High level Merchants can get closer to animals without scaring them. No effect on pvp, just showing your pirate becoming more skilled as he levels.

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