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Three hours of running…

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So last night, I was playing with some friends. We spawn in and immediately see a skull cloud in the distance. So we sail over there, and see two sloops already fighting each other. We let one of them kill the other then finish off the survivor. We enter the fort, leaving someone behind as lookout. A few minutes later, to the surprise of no one, both sloops showed back up. So two of us head back to the ship, leaving one person to slowly pick off the skeleton waves. Now we spend what feels like forever fighting these two sloops, when, off in the distance, we of course see a galleon. And not just a normal, oh no, it just had to be one that had a painted hull, fancy sails, the whole nine yards.

They expectedly dispatch one if the sloops with ease. And after that, we see ANOTHER galleon approaching. Thankfully they weren't fancy, but still. At some point the other sloop decided to leave I guess, so it was just us and the two galleons. We still have like, one or two people on the island fighting. So it was just me and someone else sailing around the island, taking potshots at the other two ships and repairing when necessary. Until at some point I accidentally sail into the island and we sink. So we have a couple of us mermaid away to the new ship and sail back – right as our guy on the island kills the captain. He grabs the key and hops on board our new ship, and we sail iff into the sunset. I'll argue that it took us at bare minimum sn hour to actually get the key.


It doesn't end there though. The other two ships realize at some point that we must have the key, and set aside their differences to pursue us (we were in party chat while they were in game chat I assume, so we obviously couldn't listen in.) So yeah, we needed to come up with a plan to get them off our tail. So I decide that I'll jump off the ship at some point with the key and wait. We have a couple of us jump off periodically to throw them off – and it works. I finally get to an island we decided to drop me off at, and hop into the water, staying under the surface so they don't notice me. I obviously start drowning after a while, but don't wanna stop and eat or surface for obvious reasons. Then, just as I'm about 50-ish feet from the shore, I get attacked by a shark – and I'm at half health so he one-shots me. The key is now waiting just off the island. I spawn back at our ship – as it's sinking, as the idea was to have them sink us and fight over the key. As I'm swimming back up – the Kraken spawns. So those two have their hands tied with that.

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We get our new ship and sail back to the island I died at. The painted galleon is thankfully gone, but the other ships was waiting just outside of where the Kraken is because of course they are. I go and grab the key, and we're being chased yet again. I hop off at yet another island and thankfully don't die this time. I hide in a cave and we scuttle our ship. So my crew sails back to me and aren't pursued this time. I hop back on, and we sail back to the fort, and unlock it. We get all the treasure on board, sail to the nearest island, and sell all of our loot. Thankfully without any mishaps or pursuit during the time.

All in all, it took us around three hours just to complete a fort and sell all the loot. Hope you all enjoyed my tale!

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