Sea of Thieves

Three sloops, two kegs, and one massacre

Sea of Thieves 8 - Three sloops, two kegs, and one massacre

This is why you should be more careful turning in loot.

So earlier today I decided to hop into a solo sloop, planning on scuttling and sneaking onto the next ship to spawn. I loaded into Plunder Outpost, and started sailing over to Sanctuary, as I've had the best luck over there doing this. All of a sudden, I see a brigantine over at Wanderer's refuge. Hatching a plan, I headed over to Hidden Spring Keep to grab a gunpowder barrel. What I was planning on doing was hiding at Golden Sands with a keg, and blowing it up when they came to turn in loot. Reaching the island, I noticed a pair of ships over at Kraken Watchtower, a sloop and a big boi galleon were doing the skull fort. I came up with a better idea.

I instead grabbed two kegs, and sailed my crimson sloop all the way to Daggertooth. Strangely enough, both vessels had reaper's marks up, presumably to ward off other ships. Reaching the outpost, I hopped off with a keg, and dropped the other overboard. I hid one behind the Gold Hoarders' tent, and the other in a bush near the Order of Souls' shack. I then ran around the island and sword-dashed out to sea, to make sure that my mermaid spawned on the opposite side as to not give me away. I dashed over to the Order of Souls after seeing that the fort was completed, and slept on the roof with my trusty eye of reach. My plan was to pull the same trick I planned to at Golden Sands, but instead with one trap each for the Gold Hoarders and the Order of Souls. As a storm rolled in to the outpost, I started to hear cannon fire, and a lot of it. Because of where I was I couldn't see much, but I figured out what was happening when I saw a skelly ship make a turn at the edge of the island. I soon heard the music that triggered when a skelly ship was sunk, and I guessed that they made it out, since I could just barely see the blood-red glow of a reaper's mark over a water tower. As the storm passed, I noticed that the ship wasn't still behind the tower, or at the dock. Confused, I hastily dashed around the island to see that the a sloop was parked far out at sea, near the storm. Knowing that I hadn't much time, I sprinted back to the shack and hid once again on the roof. I soon notice the sloop let down its sheets, and sail over to the outpost, completely ignorant of who was there.

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As the sloop slowly drew closer to the docks, I noticed that it had the kraken ship customization, and, more importantly, A pirate Legend sloop with ghost sails and hull, and that signature unicorn figurehead and reaper's mark flag. This just got a tad bit more complicated. One sloop pulls up close to the merchant stall, and the Pirate Legends anchored at the dock's end. The kraken sloop was loaded with a plethora of skulls, some placed on its rails and others in the captain's cabin. It soon becomes apparent that they didn't have the stronghold skull OR chest, as I cautiously watched each pirate jog over to the vendors and sell his loot. I soon decide that I'll have to settle for a villainous skull, and so I lined up my shot with the keg in the bush.


Soon enough a legend meandered over to the Order of Souls with my desired treasure, and I sprung up and shot the barrel. It exploded instantly, killing the pirate and dropping the skull. I quickly grabbed it and sold it, letting out a quick *rolls on deck laughing!* and turning around, where a pirate dressed in full kraken attire stared at me, astonished. I quickly killed him as well, but not before he could sell his skull to the oblivious witch doctor. Now was the real problem I was facing two sloops with two pirates each, and some were Legends! I then remembered about the four kegs in the kraken sloop's crow's nest, and instantly sword-dashed over to their ship. Since two were dead, no-one was there to stop me from boarding and climbing up the mast. I lit two of the barrels and let them drop onto the deck, while one of them spawned back in and watched from the dock, helpless. When they thought I was done, he jumped onto the deck, where I let loose another pair of bombs crashing onto the deck, instantly killing him. One ship down.

The second ship ran off, and came back around the other side of the island soon enough. As they pulled up to the dock, I took the other keg from the Gold Hoarders' tent, and swam over to their ship with the barrel. I eventually heard a young pirate call out "PEACE!" with his trumpet, but it was too late. I saw that no-one was on the ship, so I climbed aboard and promptly lit the keg's fuse and jumped to the dock, where I saw the pirate legend bring a skull to shore for the kraken sloop to recover. I shot once, and ran over to him where we dueled, and he didn't win. Their ship soon reached the seabed, and I noticed a young lad in bilge rat attire swimming under the dock. I jumped down under with him, where I missed my shot and flew through the water to the nearest ladder. As he climbed after me, I took out my sword, and he did the same. We didn't duel for long, as I sword-dashed him twice and he was sent to Davey Jones' locker. I looked back to the shore, and realized that I just won a handful of skulls. I cashed them in, and never heard from the sloops again. I still don't know what happened to the galleon, but It is moments like these that keep me playing after Athena 10. Sail on, pirates!

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Moral of the story: you can never be too safe at the outposts. and also, when the ship next to you is blown up, don't come back to the outpost after thirty seconds.

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