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So there has been some ‘backlash’ against timed events and rewards in this sub, claiming it can be a turn off because they might not be able to get everything done or get enough done to achieve the rewards. To fix this, it seems some players would rather have these events and rewards be longer or permanent.

This is a bad idea. Time limited events and rewards incentivize players to all attempt to tackle the objective within the given timeframe for the award, it creates a high concentration of players on the game at once. If events were dragged out even longer, or were permanent, the likelihood of having a bunch of players all working together or against each other at the same time is reduced. It can be slow at times even with limited time, it would be much slower without it.

Having limited time rewards also gives players who have them something to show off for future players and display their own achievements of the past, it gives them a form of exclusivity. Having such an item constantly available would take away some of its value now that all players can go for it. That’s not to say that some items shouldn’t be permanent while also having challenges associated with them, both kind of items should exist.


Not every item has to be accessible to everyone. I didn’t complete the Meg battle and didn’t get the figurehead. Of course I wish I had it, but I didn’t complete that event/challenge in the given timeframe, so I don’t think I deserve it. But that’s fine

Cursed sails has been some of the most fun I’ve had playing online in a long time, in large because of the nature of time limited events and all the players I’ve encountered because of that. It would be a shame if that kind of thing went away in the future. Sure, they could maybe improve some aspects of the events, but to gut time limited events as a whole would be a disappointing outcome.

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