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Oh, hello there. I'm 49/43/43 and should wrap up legend this weekend. Here are some tips that may help you on the journey to PL. This is grind optimised, but there will be many times you just get distracted by something else. That's fine, enjoy it!

Most of these are backed up by data (I've been recording bits and pieces as I travelled) but they're still just a samplesize of me, so take them as you will.

  1. Always be doing a voyage.
    1. In the 10 minutes you spent cycling missions, you probably could have picked up a skull/chest/single gold animal.
  2. Always be supplying the ship – This should be self-explanatory.
  3. Cannons for OOS missions is not the fastest way. Unless you're solo, maybe. 2 people slicing face is probably quicker than one slicing and one on cannons, unless the cannon guy is a perfect shot.
  4. Forts aren't the best rep.
    1. Hopping between forts isn't the fastest way to gain rep. And doing forts that pop up on your server are only worthwhile if you're taking less than 30 minutes from start to sale of goods. Otherwise, use the arrival of the fort as an opportunity to smash out missions.
  5. If you start getting chased, and can't get a quick kill, quit and change server.
    1. There's every chance that if you kill that guy, he'll be back again and again and again. Just ride fast to the closest outpost, sell what you can, and change servers. It's definitely quicker than spending 2 hours having to sail super-carefully.
  6. If you have 10 minutes to play, you can smash out a merchants. Just take 1 gold + anything else of a single animal type. Sail to a small island. Grab what you can, and go. Don't spend 30 minutes trying to find a chicken in a bush on crook's hollow, when they often spawn at barnacle cay, and it's about a zillion times smaller and therefore easier to catch. No gold? No loss. Grab everything else, and just book it.
  7. Generally speaking, I prefer smaller rewards in solo play, especially at primetime. It means if it's a busy server (or there's someone already at the pier ), i can grab 2 things, smash right up onto the beach at full speed at an outpost, sell the things, and scuttle.
  8. Complete missions. Honestly, unless you have a bunch of really awful (all riddles/all one captain islands) oos/gh maps that are massively spread out, you're almost always better off just doing the missions. My spreadsheet shows that every time I kept cancelling missions, I eventually got to the point where I'd be swapping server to get new missions because I didn't have enough good ones, meaning I'd waste 20-30 minutes just trying to get perfection, when I could have cranked out another voyage in that time. My highest gains come when I'm making progress.
  9. Level 40 & 45 missions are markedly better. Some people have reported improvements at 35. For me, it seemed a real bump at 40. Also, mission rewards may be scaled to the average level of your crew (anecdotally). Certainly, playing with lower level randos always gave me crappy GH rewards (at 45 you can expect 50-70% captains, a cursed chest every few islands and few, if any, castaways. With randoms, castaways were much more common).
  10. Obviously, perhaps, but plan with the wind. If you can go SW or SE to the next objective, pick the one that the wind favours.
  11. It seems like missions will try to guide you to where other ships are hanging out. Be prepared.
  12. In terms of grind, OOS is the worst, then GH, then merchants. In terms of fun, I like GH, then Merchant, then OOS.
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