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Tips on Devils Roar for players like me that wanted the nerf, it IS possible. I concede.

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - Tips on Devils Roar for players like me that wanted the nerf, it IS possible. I concede.

Alright FINE maybe Devils Roar is possible you bastards. I refuse to take my old posts calling for the nerf down because I am not a landlubbing knave coward but yes, you can definitely do Forsaken Shores without dying every five minutes.

  1. Establish what your goal is on Devils Roar. Are you trying to get loot? Do you not care about loot and you're just trying to finish voyages for commendations? Are you looking for a battle? These all require different play styles, and different amounts of preparation.

  2. If you're just doing voyages, you don't really NEED to prepare. You can kamikaze islands and play very recklessly if you just need to complete voyages. Remember to complete gold hoarders all you have to do is find the chests, not sell them. If you're doing OoS, all you have to do is kill captains, not sell their skulls.

  3. If you're doing PVP, you need mostly planks, then cannonballs, then bananas. Prepare in that order. Also you are a bastard, but I respect you.

  4. If you're trying to get loot, you have to be willing to play near perfectly, you have to have a rowboat, you have to have mostly bananas, planks, then cannonballs.

  5. The dominant strategy of staying alive and getting loot is using rowboats, and parking your ship away from the island if it is in range of a volcano. The range of volcanoes is about 1.5 nautical miles, this might be varied as I don't know if that's the range for all of them, but the max range is 1.5 nautical miles. Park your ship in a safe zone, and rowboat to the island. Make sure your rowboat has 10 spare bananas for every player on the rowboat minimum. on You can leave a crew member on your ship if you have one to spare in case of enemy players or bad prep, but I rarely have problems leaving the ship unattended so long as you're scanning the horizons.

  6. The targeting priority for the volcanoes seems to be ships, players, then rowboats. I have never been hit in a rowboat. I'm rarely targeted as a player, but the splash damage will fu*k you up. Your ship gets targeted with one rock for every 3-4 fired.

  7. If you don't have a rowboat and you have to use your ship you have to park without using an anchor and face your ship away from the island toward open seas. This way, when you have to leave at the first sign of danger, you can hop on, drop sails, go below deck, and take care of hits IMMEDIATELY. The time you waste steering crashing or raising anchors is fatal.

  8. On the sloop and brig (which seem to be the easiest for me to play in Devil's) you can repair the maximum amount of holes on both ships if you have two people constantly bucketing on the brig with one repairing, or one person bucketing and one repairing on the sloop. I figured this out when my crew and I sailed into the Devils Shroud on a brig to escape griefers. We had every hole you could possibly have opened on our brig and stayed afloat.

  9. Don't play solo if you want to get loot. You will most likely lose most of it, and you can make more money faster doing other voyages (like the new cargo runs) then spending insane amounts of time handling the voyages on your own. If you're looking for crew members, I've never had a truly horrible experience on the Discord nor the Xbox live searching for group feature. I've even made a bunch of friends on it!

  10. NO DRINKING. What is WRONG with you people you can't be DRUNK IN DEVIL'S ROAR!

  11. There are volcanoes in the water, as well as volcanoes attached to islands.

I understand the frustration matey, I too wanted nerfs on the targeting and the range, I too felt I couldn't get better. But you can and you will. Godspeed, and may the Ferryman bring you ashore.

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