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Tips, tricks and helpful tidbits (will update as more are suggested)

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - Tips, tricks and helpful tidbits (will update as more are suggested)

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An earlier post got me thinking about these and I haven't seen a good place consolidate all of the tips and tricks. There are some decent lists, but they're at least a month old and none are too comprehensive.

Note, this isn't for overall or in-depth strategies for sailing or forts, this is just a list of simple things you can do to make minor improvements to your game play or maybe unlock some things you didn't know existed before.



  1. Hold block/parry and jump in a direction to dodge
  2. Hold block/parry before starting the lunge to maintain mobility
  3. For the parry-lunge combo, hit jump just before you begin to lunge forward to jump-lunge
  4. You can hold backwards to lessen the distance from a lunge or jump lunge
  5. Hitting anything with a sword slash will remove the movement penalty (wall, ground, enemy, etc.)
  6. Missing with the lunge attack gives a two-second movement penalty
  7. Triple cutlass-slash combo will knock back the opponent on the third slash
  8. Double cutlass lunge will NOT kill an opponent at full health
    Credit: NoPlayJack
  9. Pistol can guaranteed two-shot an opposing player if they don't heal
  10. One eye of reach shot and one cutlass slash will leave opponents at one hp
  11. Scoping with the eye of reach causes the same glare as the spyglass
  12. Fall damage, explosive barrels, cannon shots and the blunderbuss are the only one-shot kills in the game
  13. The effective range for explosive barrel kills is eight paces
  14. Blunderbuss is the best weapon vs krakens. Kraken tentacles die off with a certain number of hits and blunderbuss can output the most hits
  15. You can survive a considerable amount of time on an enemy ship by constantly eating bananas and hopping around. Side benefit: the opponents will no longer have bananas


  1. On sloops, you can grab the starboard-side ladder from through the window in the map room
  2. On galleons, you can jump to either side ladder from the captain's-quarters balcony
  3. On sloops, go to the equipment chest and bail water once, then swap to a different bucket skin and bail again
  4. Bailing water from your ship onto the enemy ship
  5. On sloops, you can check the map looking over the back rail on the top deck
  6. On sloops, you can hop on the tarp over the map room to get a better vantage of the horizon
  7. The top of the sails is treated as flat ground. You won't bob with the ship while aiming with a pistol, eye of reach or spyglass. It will also trigger riddles once you get close to the appropriate island
  8. You can jump from the crows nest and the top of most sails and grab the ladder as you fall rather than taking the ladder the entire way down. It's much quicker, just know you'll have to use some bananas from time to time
  9. Snakes won't spit at you if you're carrying them up or down a ladder
  10. The Chest of Sorrows won't flood the ship if you're holding it while on the outside ladder. Note: this does not work on the crows-nest ladder
  11. A galleon can sail quicker than a sloop with the wind, but a sloop will sail quicker going into the wind
  12. If you just fended off a ship or were sunk by one and don't want them to recognize you if they come back or if you chase them down again, change ship skins at an outpost
  13. Flashing ship lanterns or personal lanterns, leaving ship lanterns on, aiming all cannons upwards and doing a friendly emote (wave, dance, etc.) are all signals for 'friend'. No promises though
  14. Scuttle your ship when you're about to log off to reveal any loot you might have missed
  15. Scuttle your ship if you're really low on supplies to quickly refill them
  16. Some crew members can jump overboard to collect supplies or messages in a bottle and then mermaid back to the ship
  17. Rain will keep a permanent layer of water on the ship that you can never completely bail
  18. Two people will raise a sail twice as fast as one person (tested). Given the time to run to different sails, it's actually quicker to have one person on each sail when raising rather than two people raising one, then the same two moving to another and raising it.
  19. If you have good stock of planks and aren't mid-combat, repair your mid-level holes. If you don't, the ship will sink almost immediately once the water reaches the mid-level
  20. When approaching a destination, begin dropping the anchor. On both sloops and galleons the capstan makes one full rotation. Grab the capstan just before it completes the rotation and then drop it once more and you'll have very precise timing without any delay
  21. Raise sails then anchor to turn without moving and be ready to move quickly
  22. Raise sails to slow down (slows much quicker in a sloop)


  1. Switch back and forth between weapons at an armory to reload if an ammo box is unavailable
  2. All animals have around a 10x multiplier when sold for voyages. Barrels have around a 5x multiplier for voyages. There are no voyages for sugar, tea, silks and spices. There are voyages for crates of cannonballs, bananas and planks, but they only have a 1-2x multiplier
  3. Keep any crates of bananas, cannonballs or planks to increase your maximum supply of that item
  4. Eat all your of an enemy ship's bananas when you board
  5. Steal an enemy's supply crates when you board.
  6. Fill up your own supply crates on an enemy ship if you can sneak on
  7. Grab as many supplies as you can from an enemy ship as it sinks
  8. Feeling really ballsy? Sneak your Chest of Sorrows on an enemy ship (crows nest, lower deck, captain's quarters balcony) and wait
  9. When working up a ship's supplies, keep yours empty
  10. When your ship is well supplied, keep your supplies full
  11. If your ship isn't in danger, wait to eat bananas until you can get the full amount of hp back from one
  12. If you can afford to, don't heal with bananas at all. Getting spit on by a snake, hit/shot by a skeleton or jumping off the crows nest or a cliff can send you to the Ferry of the Damned for a 'free' health refill
  13. If enemies are near, use global voice chat to mislead them ("Nobody board! Noboady board!"… everyone board)
  14. Throw a bucket of water on a teammate to sober them up
  15. Don't explode barrels inside a stronghold. Any barrels in the loot room will explode too
  16. You can use the sit or sleep emote to crouch when sneaking
  17. You can drop loot from shipwrecks as soon as they have a clear path to the surface and they'll float up to it
  18. You can 'reset' loot floating in the water from sinking by picking it up and dropping it again
  19. Mysterious bottles shine white while trinkets shine gold
  20. You can occasionally dodge a shark bite by diving straight down
  21. Lightning can hit barrels, animals and players
  22. Play music to calm snakes


Again, please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these and let me know if you have any more. I also left off a lot of basic stuff that can be added if people think it should be.

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