Sea of Thieves

To anyone looking for a squad

Sea of Thieves 8 - To anyone looking for a squad

Give it a shot on the official discord.

I’ve never used a discord or LFG on xbox, because usually for other games, my friends will play or I don’t mind playing solo. However for SoT, my friends really suck and if we see any sort of other ship we are sure to die.

I gave the discord “looking for crew” last night after my friend logged off, and within 30 seconds I have myself a squad and discord channel we all talked in.

None of us really had anything in mind of what we were going to do, so once we got materials and set sail, we were like “sooo what should we do?”

A skull fort popped up in the distance so we decided to attempt it, but ran into a galleon on the way. We rammed the galleon and didn’t really have roles, so 3 of us jumped on board while the 4th fired the cannon. We killed them and sunk them, but we did not have anyone fixing our ship so we also sunk. We got the last kill so we considered it a win, especially since we were freshly spawned.


We all got to our new boat and actually decided roles. 2 deck hands, one to fix the ship and one to drive. We continued over to the skull fort and saw a galleon already parked.

We sunk the galleon, killed them off, completed the fort and then proceeded to be chased by another galleon for a solid 30 minutes until we sunk them again, but hid the key to the fort in a nearby island just in case.

We got the loot(27k in gold, pretty good) and turned in.

After that we spent hours doing skull forts, killing other ships, a meg, and constant looting.

honestly it was one of the best experiences i’ve ever had in this game, and this community is fu*king awesome. We all agreed we would play again soon and added each other.

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So if you’re a solo player but wanting friends/other people to galleon with, give the discord a shot. it was totally worth it and the best experience i’ve had in the game so far, and I also learned a ton from our more experienced sailors.

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