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To The AFK “Legend” Running a Solo Athena’s On an Open Sloop

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I joined your sloop mid Athena. You had done the Merchant missions, and currently mid Gold Hoarders and Skulls. You weren't on the island that the boat was moored to, but the gold riddle was nearly complete. I completed it, finished two other gold islands, and started on the first of the last two skull missions. As I'm fighting the skeletons, you appear back on the boat. Awesome, I think, as we can finish up and I can go to bed. It had been close to 2 hours to finish up the islands and it was late.

So, it came as a surprise as you start sailing off and dropping all the loot I had acquired in your absence. Like….ALL OF IT. You then pull up in front of a skeleton cannon and allow it to be peppered mercilessly. You then scream "Help me bail!!". I cautiously approach, knowing you're up to something. You then grab a gunpowder barrel, light it and run to the bottom of the deck. I try to stop you…knowing full well I can't. It explodes, kills us both and we both show up on the Ferry of the Damned. You then say "Brooooo, duuuuude…..sorry….. come back….." and laugh hysterically.


I log off. I spent nearly two hours on loot that I didn't need (I'm 50 gold 50 skulls) and was just looking to finish up the Athena for rep. You send me messages saying "come back I picked up the loot Bro…. duuuude let's finish this quest lol"….. knowing full well you only intended to cause more grief.

I will not post your name on here, but know that your tactics worked. You got me good, made me salty and hate the human race for a good 10 hours afterwards. I'm a father of 2 little kids and have a wife recovering from breast cancer (she had her double mastectomy this week). My time to play is limited, and you wasted the precious little time I have for 'me'. I am now dumber after what you just did. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. End Rant.

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