Sea of Thieves

To the AFK on our Galleon this morning..Thank you so much.

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - To the AFK on our Galleon this morning..Thank you so much.

TL;DR AFK discovered after the grind began. Rest of the crew coordinated to donate said loot to another crew, and harass the AFK scum when he tried to come back. Made new friends while drinking and puking on AFK in brig with the other crew we gave our loot to, AFK raged away after a standoff. Made zero gold

I can't thank you enough for the awesome experience after we got our grind on and found you AFK, trying to profit off our hard work. You were away when we found you, so you couldn't hear how frustrated we were at first.

Then we the rest of the random crew put together got to talking about it. All of us knew this was a cancerous problem in a game we all love, and it just wasn't fair for you to ride our coattails through your journey to legend status. So we decided to do something different.

First, we thought "Let's just set sail and throw everything off the ship one by one." then that became "let's set sail to an outpost, and leave the items next to the merchants that want them for a lucky crew to happen upon." but then we saw another galleon not far from us.


We lit our deck lights, dropped sails and pointed towards them. We approached carefully, yelling in our mics that we were friendly, and to not attack. They held back, but were VERY skeptical of our intentions. We explained you were AFK and that we wanted to give all our loot to a crew who appreciates good hard work. They came on board and we drank, puked, and played bad music together as we laughed together when you returned to find yourself spinning in a brig. We invited them to clean our ship of all supplies for their ship, and I told you I was hanging out with you until you left the server. Every crew member we got until you left was properly warned of your presence and advised to try another crew.

You sure were salty, I can imagine that had to do with your plan not working out. You yelled at me in a language I couldn't understand, but it didn't matter one bit, because it was all music to my ears.

So thanks for helping us have a good time, and meet another cool crew on the seas. Thanks for allowing me to feel charitable today, it left me with a feel good feeling in me. And finally, thank you for finally getting the point and leaving, we were at a standoff, and I was glad to win. Get good, scrub.

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