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To the brigantine at Plunder Outpost that joined our game and stole our ship…

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You guys are truly as*holes..

We had fully stocked our ship and were on our way to do a skelleton ship battle. We noticed you were at Plunder outpost so we decided to see if you cared to join. Y'all were going to be doing an Athena voyage but asked if your friend could join our game to help us so that you would have a second ship after the battle. Wasn't a problem for us since we needed a third player and were gonna be signing off soon anyways.

Not long after that you asked us to leave and go to another server we politely declined and said that we wanted to do the battle since we had a fully stocked ship and you could have the ship when we were done, and so you proceded to blow us up and sink our ship.. I mean come on, how selfish can you be!


Now I don't like to accuse people of hacking but what happened next makes me wonder. About 5 minutes after we sank I started getting some REALLY bad lag and eventually was kicked from the game. 'Ok, so maybe my internet is acting up', I thought. But not long after that the SAME thing happened to my friend who was still in the game. Only his internet went out completely and he couldn't get back online for about 30 minutes. Like, what the hell!

Either way, you guys are complete as*holes. It's one thing to be a pirate, but this wasn't that. You're just a bunch of d*cks.

(Now I've learned my lesson. Never again will I allow another crew to join my ship unless I'm going to be signing off. I realize it's my mistake for allowing them to join but they did tell us their friend would help us do the battle. I'm posting this here so that other pirates can avoid getting themselves into this same situation. Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant.)

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