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To the crew that kept their sock colors a secret…

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This is a gonna be a long one, so strap in and put on your reading glasses for this one. (or just skip to the bottom for the TLDR)

So me and my crew of two other friends had just finished a stronghold, we were in the process of moving the loot to our ship when we saw another Galleon making a beeline for the fort. So we grabbed the most valuable and merchant alliance things. (God I hate merchant quests, just wanted all the rep for them as I could get.) We left behind a few seafarers, some artifacts, and some skulls. As we pulled away, a sloop entered the fray as well. Our ship took a couple hits as we fled the fort, but neither the galleon nor the sloop gave chase to us. As we approached Sanctuary Outpost, a Galleon, with a full admiral kit, went zooming by, they didn't open fire on us, but seeing the fight at the fort, they went straight for that, letting us sell our loot without a problem.

We then decided to scuttle the ship and wait on the outpost for the victor of the ensuing fort battle to bring the rest of the loot to us. As the battle at the fort dragged on, my crew was getting antsy just watching from the sidelines. And my two crewmates ended up getting stuck while running around the island, causing them to be teleported back to the ship, which had respawned all the way at Thieve's Haven.

I sat alone, at the highest point of Sanctuary as I waited for both my crew to return and the battle at the fort to be over. Eventually, the Admiral Galleon won the fight, and pulled up to the fort to load whatever loot was left onto their ship.

Through some will of the gods, my crew arrived just as they were leaving, with one small hiccup in our plan, they were headed to Golden Sands, not Sanctuary. So naturally we gave up on our greedy plan and took the only obvious course: We decided to learn what color socks they preferred/were wearing.

The ensuing chase before we got into speaking trumpet range was mostly us keeping our sails perfectly with the wind to keep up and catch up with them. They would occasionally send a jumper with whom we would ask what color his socks were before knocking him off the ladder with our cutlasses. We made a pact among our crew to not use guns or cannons on these men, only swords if need be to defend ourselves. We wanted peace, we wanted knowledge. They wanted us dead. For the first half hour we received no response other than violence. Then after saying something along the lines of; "Just tell us what color your socks are and we'll leave you alone!" we finally got a response. "Then just go" one man typed. We swear we had heard voices before then, but none of us could be sure if it was them or we were just crazy because we never seemed to hear them all together. But eventually, when one of them boarded and became locked in a sword fight with one of my crew did they finally speak to us; "Why do you even care so much?!?" He yelled at us, swinging his cutlass. To be honest, we didn't know why we had been chasing you for the last hour simply to learn a useless tidbit of information. If anything, it was your refusal to answer such a simple question that motivated us to pursue you for so long. But alas, we eventually ran out of planks and after an hour+ of chasing you around, we sank. If it had not been for one thing, I may have given up right there and logged off. But on of them typed, "See ya f**kin trolls"


We respawned at Mermaid's Hideaway I believe. My crew had enough and decided to get off. They stayed in a discord call however as I messed around on the Island, testing some theories about the ship and some mechanics.

About half an hour after the respawn, I saw a Galleon on the horizon, and inspiration struck, I thought of what that one pirate typed, and I hoped they were still in the server. I struck out on my own, alone in my galleon. I hopped from ship to ship that I could find, asking the same question to them as I did to the Admiral crew. All of the crews I asked gave me an answer with almost no hesitation. It made me wonder why you were so guarded. Were you embarrassed by your sock choices? Ashamed? Or just straight up refusing to let anything slip about you online?

Eventually, I saw that blue Admiral trident sail on a ship docked at Crooked Masts and I came in close. The moment you saw me approaching, you dropped you sails and ran. A couple minutes later, one of your crew came aboard carrying a Seafarer. I assumed it meant you just wanted to be left alone. The courier didn't speak, didn't type, he was silent. I told him I didn't want your loot, I just wanted answers. His action spoke louder than words, as he picked up the chest and walked it into my captains cabin before setting it down. I continued to refuse the gift, and eventually scuttled the ship to prove I didn't want his stuff.

At this point, I was going to give up, but then one of my old crewmates who had left me before but had been in the call with me the entire time rejoined me. And together, we set out to find them again. And did we, 5 minutes later, we were hot on the Admiral crew's tail. We watched two jumpers go off the tailed Galleon, and they both climbed aboard. One was the silent courier, and the other was the only one we believed used a mic. As he came aboard, we asked him that question. "The socks man! What color are your socks!?!" "Oh my god it's the same f**king guys" he responded, and promptly turned around and jumped off our ship. His silent crewmate stayed however. After trying to get him to communicate with us though him firing his gun, or ringing a bell. We believe we confirmed that the silent man was indeed wearing socks.

Thus, we were satisfied. That was probably the most we were going to get out of any of them. So we resigned and logged off, more than 3 hours after we finished the skull fort.

TLDR: We followed a crew around for 3 hours asking what color their socks are.

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