Sea of Thieves

To the duo sloop that just bamboozled ours at the keep

Sea of Thieves 2 - To the duo sloop that just bamboozled ours at the keep

When you claimed the stronghold key has vanished we thought it might be a ruse so we kept looking. When I found it, I was pretty certain, but took the risk anyway.

When you detonated every powder keg on the island at exactly the same time I realized our ship was missing, it finally occured to us that we'd been had. We thought it was over. You left the alliance, we'd lost everything.

But we respawned and discovered you'd only dropped our sails, so we killed your boarder and turned back for revenge.

We both left our ship as it followed yours to briefly relocate some treasure on the island so we could recover it later if things went poorly, then laden only with the two pieces of loot from the skeleton ship we'd worked together to sink we returned to our ship to give chase.


You didn't flee, turning about to engage and we chased eachother in circles around the keep, losing a meg in the process.

You finally changed tactics after a few close encounters, trading cannon fire and pistol shot between decks. You shot one of your men to the fort to pepper us with the cannons.

One of us took a cannonball to the face. We had three planks, so I pursued solo aiming directly for you… and then our ship was dead in the water

You killed us finally as we swam to shore playing you a victory tune.

I only wish you'd of stayed in game chat so we could congratulate you on your well earned loot and well executed betrayal.

You scurvy dogs.

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