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To The Galleon From Cannon Cove

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I had freshly spawned in. Spent about 5-7 minutes grabbing supplies to start my adventure. I was doing merchant alliance. After all crates were loaded up off I went, to Cannon Cove. That's where I saw you, by a shipwreck. You seemed peaceful. You let me pass without a single cannon shot. But in the back of my head I knew that this wasn't going to last. I anchored in the bay and began searching for my pigs. After a couple of minutes I saw you coming towards me. Luckily, I found some gunpowder nearby. I put it on my ship, dropped my sail, turned my wheel and let it go. You took the bait. I boarded you, ran right to the bottom of your ship as you fired upon mine with my gunpowder, then I shot it. After a few moments I saw a "Help me repair!" in the chat. Then 2 of you came to fix your ship. I killed you both and as your ship slowly filled, you vanquished me. I spawned back right next to you, in the water. I saw you moving your chests to the dock. So I followed. After some duels I was killed yet again. However, I spawned pretty close. I raced back and grabbed all 6 of your chests, even your crates for good measure. I sold them all at Golden Sands (I appreciate it the donation as the rep was quite juicy). As I was getting ready to leave I saw you come back to Cannon Cove. Little did you know before I left I also took your gunpowder from the sea. I raced towards you, you were ready this time…so you thought. As I smashed my ship into the beach of the bay you all turned your attention to it as you blew it to pieces with cannon fire. Ignoring the guy swimming towards your ship with the gunpowder. I let it go beneath the waves, waited for the boom, then boarded you again. I killed 3 of you, then you sank. This might be when your captain learned his ghost outfit doesn't make him invincible based on his game chat ramblings. Two times within 15 minutes, you sank, to the same play. I hope you learned something. Not all of us solo players are easy targets. Also to watch your ladders.


TL;DR Sank a legendary galleon 2 times within 15 minutes while playing solo, also stole their chests.

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