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To the gallon who said “we’re friendly”

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Please don't abuse the friendly chat if you're actually going to be hostile. You make it impossible for actual friendly people to do anything.

My friend and I were at a skeleton for. You all approach spamming that you're friendly, and just trying to do the commendations. Cool, we say, no problem. You all proceed to never get 5 skeletons in a gunpowder barrel. Took 4 rounds and still couldn't do it. Eventually the captain spawns, and you all gunpowder barrel kill us, spawn camp and talk shit in chat.

Excuse me? You are the 4 man gallon who couldn't even fight a sloop…you are the cowards who came up and pretended you were decent human beings and were just doing commendations.

I'm sure I'll get shit like "it's a pirate game, dont trust anyone. It's your own fault. You should have attacked them"

Yeah of course. They also could have just killed us, started a legit attack. Imagine being a 4 man gallon and still needing to "catch a sloop unaware". You literally outnumber us, why do you also need to cuss us out, spawn camp, grief, and pretend to be friendly?


It's one thing to beat an enemy when they know you're the enemy. I wish there was a way to mark players who pretend to be friendly and aren't as liars or fakes.

I am fine with getting beat. I'm not fine with liars and griefers who verbally abuse "fu*king retards who trust people." That's why the game isn't fun sometimes. Not getting outskilled, but being taken advantage of and then taunted for it.

Anyway, I hope that the next time you guys decide to fight a sloop at a fort, you man up and actually fight. It must have been really challenging and rewarding to fight 2 people who literally didn't shoot back. Try a real fight next time though, it's much more thrilling and exciting. I promise, friend.

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