Sea of Thieves

To the guy that spawn killed me for an hour straight…

Sea of Thieves 6 - To the guy that spawn killed me for an hour straight...

Time for some context:

I’m a relatively new player, to both Xbox and Sea of Thieves, i joined about a month ago during Black Friday…

Now, time to travel to the present.

So, on Saturday, i was gonna make a delivery of about ~3.2k’s golds worth of chests, skulls, etc. I was solo playing, on my sloop.

I was about to get to Hidden Spring Keep, when a galleon rushes out of nowhere, and boards my ship, killing me in the process. They robbed me of my treasure, and kept spawn killing me (this was before i learned you could scuttle a ship). They went to game chat and began to call me toxic terms and trash talked me.

They kept doing so for about an hour, when i got mad and decided to abandon ship on my rowboat. They didn’t notice me on the rowboat, so i decided to sneak up on their galleon. At this point in time, 2 of them were on my sloop in which which was driving away from the galleon (most likely to keep my away from the galleon, but they didn’t know i was at their galleon in the first place).

I snuck aboard their galleon, and decided to hide to attempt to take my treasure back, but i found the other 2… to my surprise i found one AFK, and the other was in the Brig.


I then got to the captain’s cabin (they had ALL their loot there…) and they did there christmas quests (were about to turn in the goods) and had 4 athena chest’s. They had soooo much more loot, from skeleton skulls, to mermaid statue sapphires, and so much more. I transferred everything to the rowboat and detached.

I got onto the Rowboat and decided to sail as far away from them as possible, and got lost at sea for about 30 minutes. I was looking for an outpost in the night, trying to find a ton of lights on a island that resembled an outpost.

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I then found a galleon… the same galleon i had looted, roaming the sea’s near me and i froze. I turned the opposite direction, into a storm so i can hide from that galleon. In the storm, i saw a bunch of lights that resembled an outpost, and sailed there… slowly… and slowly…

When i got there, i sold everything and made over 190,000 gold (plus the 30k i had already) which gave me over 200k gold…

I sent them a message telling them thanks for the free gold, and they were pissed.

Safe to say i went on a huge spending spree. 🙂

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