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To the kind and fair pirates of this game…

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - To the kind and fair pirates of this game...

A great tale happened yesterday and I just want to say thank you, you really make the game worth playing when all you're used to is back stabbing and griefing.

TL;DR: helped a random out and didn't get screwed over for it after

My buddy and I hopped on yesterday to try out the new 3 man ship and fight some skelly ships, well after a while we find a location where they're already in and set sail that way. when we get there there's a sloop already there getting HAMMERED by 2 cursed ships, we jump into combat not really paying attention to this sloop but it evens the odds as we each focused on one cursed ship. we accidentally rammed this sloop twice trying to out manuever the enemy ones and at one point I thought the sloop was done for as it was anchored in one spot and took a double broadside attack as a result, this is when I realized it was a solo player and thought for sure he was a goner. well during the battle we eventually we run out of supplies and I jump ship to try and find some planks in the sea barrels that kept popping up. my buddy is tasked with permanent bailing duty as we take more and more fire from the cursed ships while I frantically search for wooden planks. but I fail to find any and our 3 man ship finally sinks.


But I noticed the sloop was still anchored in and getting attacked, so I swim over to it and hop on board to see what kind of interaction will take place. I say hello through quick chat and make it clear were not there to kill him or steal his treasure, my buddy follows suit shortly after and we both hop on his ship and we end up becoming a 3 man sloop w/o the alliance system and help this guy man the ship and defeat the remaining cursed ships and win the battle.

Now as the treasure pops up out of the water this is where I feel our truce will end and my buddy and I will be killed, but I help this guy collect the treasure and store it on his sloop anyway. And to my surprise this stranger starts splitting the loot with us! putting half on one side and his on another, I was so surprised to not be killed for once, so all 3 of us set sail to the nearest outpost while playing music and dancing to turn in our shared wealth.

It was really refreshing to help someone finish the fight after our own ship was lost and actually play as a team without any betrayal or greed once the treasure pops up. So thank you to all who are kind and give the game a breath of fresh air in a sea of griefing & piracy.

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