Sea of Thieves

To the Pirate who absolutely out-pirated my crew.

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By this time we had accumulated quite a few pig creates, chicken coops and snake baskets (some skulls and chests here and there) and everything was going smoothly.

We were on some island grabbing some chickens and pigs when something interesting happened. I man walked up to the ship while we were unloading. I switched to game chat and started talking to this guy about how his day was how the loot was runnin. A storm rolls in. Lightning strikes all around we had a powder barrel we were loading onboard and it was sitting on the dock next to us.

Obviously we realize what could happen so we go to move the barrel. It got struck by lightning and I was killed, my crew mate was knocked off the boat and the other guy was blown into sea. After laughs and well wishes we were back at it. He runs off to the other side of the island, where his ship and crew must be, and that was the last we saw of him.

I shit you not, I turn around to my ship and its empty! Chest were taken, skulls swiped and animals were gone.

How? was this a glitch? The ship was undamaged. None of this made sense.


So I start thinking, did someone shoot the barrel with cover of lightning to make it seem innocent? Were we just robbed–

This is when I received a message on Xbox Live. This is what it said…

"Hello there mate,

You have just been robbed by the two best pirates in this server.

How you may ask? Simple, while you and your crew were chatting with me my partner was robbing you blind.

He was pulling our ship behind your ship when I arrived to chat, and unloaded your ship while we were talking.


I was stunned. I had to know about the barrel. I messaged him and asked about he said this…

"Aye, were good but not that good that be the luck of the sea.

Have a good one man best of luck!"

SO, to you The Best Pirate in the Server, you got us real good and I hope the loot was bountiful.

This is why I love this game.

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