Sea of Thieves

To the Sloop we chased from Ashen Reaches just now.

tvAX34cZGc9ggn8AfTcyRH 1024x558 - To the Sloop we chased from Ashen Reaches just now.

TLDR (Spoiler): We chased a Sloop for over 30 minutes making progress only for the volcano, skeleton cannons and the Meg to chase us off with neither winning.

We were in a Sloop wearing the Kraken skin and were approaching Ashen Reaches from the North-West. As we circled around to the West side of the island we saw your ship with sails up a short distance to the South of the island. We jumped ashore real quick, grabbed our 2 chests and decided to head to you to see what loot you had.

Just as we pulled the anchor and turned your way the volcano started to erupt. I thought I saw your sails drop for a second but then after a few waves there we back up. We managed to avoid most of the volcanic rocks that were dropping around us and it looks like you made it out unscathed also.

You started to flee to the East and were were in hot pursuit making little to no progress since we were both in a Sloop and had the wind. It was shortly after you got out out of the volcano's range when you turned left about 120 degrees and headed back into it. We cut the turn a lot shorter and gained some good distance on you because of it but the world had other plans for us.

My cremate took 2 (TWO!) volnacic rocks to the face over the course of 2-3 seconds killing him and forcing me off the wheel to repair. You put a bit more distance between us with that but we were not giving up that easily. It was then that you turned left again by cutting close to another island (Roaring Sands?) allowing skeletons to shoot at both our ships. It seemed the skeletons favored our ship over yours and we were hit several times while you were never hit. We continued onward now towards to the North.

After a few minutes of traveling North with 0 wind we decided to call it as it was gong to be a long chase and time was becoming a concern. We turned to the right to a sunken ship we saw near a rock outcropping. After looting the ship (one seafarers chest) we decided to head to Ancient Spire outpost to sell our loot and call it a night BUT, then it happened, we saw you again moving very slowly near Devils Ridge. We suspect you were checking your map to find where you were and plan your course expecting that we had gave up but it was back on.

We circled around the north side of Devils Ridge and came up on you unexpectedly (I assume) and got within cannon range but struggled to get an angle without loosing distance. We managed to fire a few pot shots but I don't think we hit anything. It was then that the Pirate Gods came down on us again, the Meg showed up and decided WE were its next meal.


The Meg took a few hits on us and we lost some distance and then somehow gained it back. It seems one of you decided it would be wise to start jumping off the ship trying to board ours. You succeeded once killing my mate as he was repairing only to meet your death to my sword. Upon your return you tried this trick several more times but were never able to follow through again. As our ship sailed past you swimming I heard you talk but couldn't make out what you said.

With you otherwise occupied swimming we were able to close the gap and were running nearly parallel with you and began to open fire. Several shots were exchanged only one of yours landed while several of ours did. It looked like the seas finally favored us but… we were wrong. The Meg was still hungry and returned hoping to turn the tide against us. The first bite nearly spun us around and killed me leaving our ship without its captain. My mate took over the wheel and sails while running to bail while I returned from the dead.

At this point we had lost too much ground and with the Meg still circling and our supply of boards down to 3 we gave up our pursuit and headed to Ancient Spire Outpost. During our retreat the Meg returned a third time for a few final bites before we got close enough to shore to be safe.

We believe that if the seas had treated us equally that victory would have been had. We were able to catch up to your ship not once but twice and more of our cannon shots landed but fate it seems had other plans. It was a good chase and I hope you enjoyed it as well though based on what my mate heard you say (while dead) I doubt it.

The one time you boarded our ship and killed my mate he tried to talk to you on the ship of the damned but you would have none of it. You choose to talk over him saying "You made a mistake attacking us, your going down". You also said that your crew mate left so you could bring your Pirate Lord friend on to wreck us. Running away is a poor style to "wreck" somebody.

We had 1 captains chest, 2 marauders chest and 1 seafarers chests on board (all Ashen). They could have been yours. If you see this I am curious what loot you had onboard that caused you to flee like that.

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