Sea of Thieves

To the Solo Sloop that Tried to Bamboozle Me

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You kept rolling up on our galleon asking to do a thrones. We had just helped another crew for about an hour do theirs so we were not interested. The third time you came around I yelled out at you, "WHAT DO YOU WANT, MAN? lol" You proposed to me a pretty good offer this time around. Do a thrones and you would give us 5 chests on a x marks the spot treasure map you were holding. "Thrones first though", so we wouldn't betray him. (which I probably would have). Not your first rodeo obviously. You were a 45 gold and I a 38 so I figured we would get some good loot. My galleon went to sell our hold while I sailed with you to the thrones. After we did the throne we sailed back for my reward.

On the island you dug up a marauders chest, and two captains chest. 3/5. I started walking toward the other side of the island looking for you when I heard crying. You hid the sorrows chest in some brush. At this point I figured this deal could go south at any moment so I picked up the chest and re-hid it in case I died. As soon as I hid the sorrows you came into sight holding the chest of a thousand grog. sheet. At this point it was inevitable, I knew you were going to attack me. I would have too. There was just too much money at stake and my galleon crew still wasn't even close. I picked up 5 bananas on the way back to the other chests.


You sighed and said, "well I regret doing this now." You pulled out your flintlock and took two shots at me and missed both. I was already prepared. I didn't even unholster my weapons. I was laughing the whole time, "WE HAD A DEAL MAN" lol. The third shot you took with the flintlock hit me and took me to about half health. You picked up the grog and waddled towards your sloop. I hit you with the blunder as you climbed your ladder, then climbed on your sloop and guarded the ladders. You tried to climb up the ladder and I killed you, lowered your sail, and sent your ship sailing for the abyss. By the time you spawned my galleon finally got to the island and we loaded up. You waited for us at the outpost and stood there waving at us as while we pulled in as we lit the hell out of your ship up, killing you too. I knew this was your plan. I knew you were going to head back to mermaids hideout to pick up the sorrows thinking it was still hiding where you placed it. I just wish I could have been there to see the look on your face.

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