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To the solo sloop who proceeded to chase me for THREE HOURS yesterday after having two consecutive days with 0 loot because of disconnects…

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - To the solo sloop who proceeded to chase me for THREE HOURS yesterday after having two consecutive days with 0 loot because of disconnects...

So I'm on the final chapter of my second OOS quest when I spot a sloop approaching. No worries, I do not have my red flag up so he must be going to a neighbor island. Nope. Straight towards me. Of course.

Alright. No biggie. I hop on board and sail away. Of course they turn my direction and give chase. I have literally fifteen skulls on board totalling around eight thousand or more, so I'm extremely weary on engaging in any sort of conflict.

So I sail straight into the wind because that's what I've done in the past to get away from someone. I angle my sails so they are slicing through the wind. I check behind me after a few and realise that they are slowly gaining on me. How I thought? I examine his ship and see that his ship's sail is going right against the wind.

Now a while back on this sub-reddit I saw a comment at the very bottom of a thread saying that this particular sail position is the fastest when sailing against the wind. So I try it out. It works. We are now sailing at the same speed. I'm slowly running out of map room as this guy is sailing in a straight line with me. So I turn east and figure if i have to do a big circle around this map, I will. Shortly after I check behind me and see he has not broken off and is still on course. That's fine. He will eventually realise that I'm not going to do anything stupid and he will give up.

I end up on the north east part of the map when I hear the music. The cursed sails music. Fantastic I think. Shit. I instantly turn south and then bam two sskelly ships appear right parallel with me. So I immediately go below deck to make sure I don't get blasted off. I hear the cannons above firing repeadetly. I don't have any holes though. I look out the back of my ship and see his ship getting blasted. Yes! Now is my chance!

But before I tend to lose him, i get hit with three consecutive anchor drops. Of course it's the skellys who shoot those cannonballs. After nearly sinking, I manage to finally raise my anchor and proceed on my way. After about thirty seconds or so I turn around and don't see him. Finally. Now I can turn this loot in and go watch some football.

Little do I kknow that he did not give up. He is behind an island. I find this out shortly after. Great. What is this guy's problem? Is he hell bent on ruining my third day in a row playing this game?

I proceed to do the 'sail in a straight line and jump off front and board their ship and lower their anchor method'. First two times I miss. Second time he was waiting for me on the ladder. No go. He's wise to the plot now.

Fu*k it. I'm going to sail in one gigantic circle until he gives up. I don't have d*ck to do today. I will literally sail in circles for hours. But apparently he will too. We proceeded to sail in gigantic circles for I kid you not another hour and a half.

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Until BAM! Player three has entered the game. "Yes!" I think. It's a galleon and I'm sailing right for it. It can't turn in time to maneuver with my agility but it is definitely going to run head long into the T1000 behind me. I glance behind me and expect to hear cannon fire, but I hear nothing. Just the sound of TWO ships now sailing towards me. And they are literally right beside each other. Really???

So here we go again. Fifteen minutes pass and I'm still doing circles against the wind. BAM! Player four has entered the game. Another galleon. He's proceeding head long toward us. He takes a bad angle and cuts behind me. Cannon fire? NOPE! I turn around and now see THREE ships chasing after me. This is utter bull. Literally do these people have ANYTHING better to do??


But they underestimate my pettiness. It's not about turning in my loot anymore. It's about making sure they get NOTHING. So I continue to sail around. Now, every time I change directions in a 90 degree angle, the sloop who is right on my ass slowly cuts the corner and proceeds to gain distance on me. So I have now resorted to sailing directly towards islands acting like I am going clockwise around the island, when in fact I am instantly turning around when I'm out of sight just so I can gain some distance. It works. The sloop and the two galleons cant keep up.

I gain some distance here and there and time keeps on ticking. Like I said. I dont have anything to do today. I will literally sail away from these as*holes for eight hours if I have to. BAM! Player five has entered the game. I of course know that this guy is in the same alliance with the other four, so it doesn't surprise me when they dart straight for me. Whatever. I'm not gonna give up. It's the principle of the matter.

It has now been around two hours and 15 minutes or so when I see the galleons and the newly brig break off. They're the smart ones. But not the sloop. Not this guy. He is hell bent. Determind. It is his life mission to sink me. It is literally like a person broke into this guys house and is now holding his entire family hostage and the burglar is telling him"If you don't sink that sloop in particular, your whole family will die." This guy is relentless. He will just simply not give up. This is what it looked like every time I glanced behind me.

Alright. So in a moment of daring off, I run into a giant rock and take some holes. SHIT. I even out and go down below to patch. When I come back on deck I see that he is right along beside me aiming his cannon with a purple smoke coming out of it. He misses. I jump on mine and miss. He fires another. He misses. I fire. Hit! I gain distance on him. So I proceed directly for an outpost so I can jump overboard and sell a skull at a time. I sail right by golden sands and drop one off. I proceed. make a fairly lark circle and come around for another drop off, only Mr. T1000 is behind me. I have to jjuke him to gain some distance. Proceed operation flyby #2. Success. I wait on the dock for the mermaid when he sails by. We both make eye contact. I can see the fire in his eyes. It's like two rivals coming face to face. I catch the mermaid finally and of course get hit with the loooooooooong black loading screen. Anxiety is piling up.

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Finally I appear on my ship and realise that my ship was slowly making a big circle. Shit. That means he saw this and is trying to cut me off. I glance to my left and there he is. On the front of his ship with his cutlass ready. He dives forward towards my ladder. Now, in my head, I'm thinking that the perseverance of this guy is going to pay off. He is going to get rewarded by Poseidon himself for all he's done to sink my ship. So, I of course think Kim going to botch the blunderbuss blast when he boards.

Except he doesn't! He missed! I hit the anchor and proceed directly towards the outpost again. Even better, I check behind me and his ship is going in circles, so he is never too far away from his ship so the mermaid will spawn. Fantastic! Now is my chance! I dock at the outpost. One skull down. Two skulls down. Another. Another! Each time checking for the T1000. He is nowhere in sight.

He finally gave up. Finally. It was the best and most rewarding experience I have ever had in this game. I couldnt believe it was over. I breathed a sigh of relief and sold the last skull and logged off.

So, to the solo sloop who proceeded to chase me with his cronies for THREE HOURS! I say this….

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