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To the wonderfully wacky crew we fought today: You’ve made a bloodthirsty pirate out of me…

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 3 1920x1080 1024x576 - To the wonderfully wacky crew we fought today: You've made a bloodthirsty pirate out of me...

A little storytime on how a single crew changed my view on PvP:

I'm one of those tame pirates: I happily do quests, I wave at everyone, I fire second- and usually not last either; I'd *tried* combat on the occasion, but it felt… tedious? Like I'd be better spending my time doing missions. You'd circle or chase for up to an hour to likely get nothing from it but personal attacks and time wasted, and I just didn't see the point in that…

Well, not until tonight.

Tonight my crew had decided to start shit with a parked Galleon.

Instantly the rival crew taunted us with light insults in characteristic voices, and as the chase began we knew we were in for an interesting encounter. The norm happened at first: back and forth, occasional shots, one got onto our boat and ran around in true Benny Hill fashion, and then they anchored us. Off they sailed into the storm, and we decided to go after the nearby empty fort instead.

But as we approached, they chased us. This time battle broke out instead, and what ensued was surprisingly one of my favourite experiences in this game. Over the course of an hour we were circling, bombarding, running to towers for canons, anchors were constantly up and down, explosions were everywhere, battle music was blasting through my headphones, and all the while the occasional Monty Python-esque jest was traded over voice. And then? Then we lost. And we were okay with that. Why wouldn't we be? We'd just had one of the best battles of our pirate lives, so we'd both ultimately won. Heck- one of the opposite crew even approached me on the ferry and we thanked each other for the wonderful battle, expressing just how much we'd enjoyed ourselves.


With my previous opinion turned on its head by one great encounter, I think it really is amazing how much a good attitude can improve the overall feeling of the fight. I believe a big part of why I disliked fighting may have been previous experiences, where I'd often been spawn-camped, ganged up on, or verbally abused over voice chat. I'd never actually been able to experience a proper fun battle, and more often than not I would leave feeling further disdain. Yet this one brilliant experience has impacted my view so much, because everyone had fun, not just one side.

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So if any of that crew are reading this, thank you. By not only giving a fantastic fight, but also being good sportsman, you've made me crave more battles like this one. And now with a little less 'fire second', every foe I defeat, every chest I steal, that's on you.~ I hope one day we meet again on the high seas, whether it be friend or foe!

TL;DR: I previously disliked combat in SoT, until one wonderful crew gave our Galleon the fight of its life. They didn't take the insults too far, they stood their guns and gave us the best fight we could've asked for, and we even figuratively shook hands after. It really left me excited and joyful, and it may have turned me into a bloodthirsty Captain who craves a fight as good as that one. It really has given me a new positive outlook on the whole PvP of SoT.

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