Sea of Thieves

To the worthy crew of the brig we encountered last night.

Sea of Thieves 7 - To the worthy crew of the brig we encountered last night.

Whilst out on our beloved sloop, ye fired on us first — yet we sank ye in the end.

BUT, in the midst of combat ye stole the ships pig, and it was lost at sea. And fer that, there can be no forgiven.


We tracked ye down whilst ye were out adventurin at a fort. We pulled up real quiet like behind a rock some ways off and while me mate swam over to cause havoc, I rained cannon ball down on yer deck. A mighty battle then took place with sword play and guns a blazin, all the while a mighty storm rolled in with night and the sea turned dark. Whilst waiting on the Ferry, I leaped through the door only to find ye had set me ship a sail. The mate was hidin' in your lower deck waiting for their chance. I could see naught through the stormy dark, but then I spy the green eyed skull cloud and set my course a full sail. Suddenly out of the murk I see yer ship dead ahead. The die was cast and with a mighty ARRR I crashed into ye at full speed. The last bit be vague in my mind but tis all true. Our faithful sloop, already too crippled, sank into the sea, but then I find meself next to my mermaid and behold somehow a powder barrel floating right there, a gift from Neptune himself. I grabs it and swam my way to yer brig up to yer hull and as I set the fuse ye shot me, and the whole thing goes up in a flash. My regret is I never knew if yer wretched, hole filled brig ended up sinking in the end.

I tip me hat to you.

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