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Toxic Behavior, what is it?

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This seems to need a little bit of clarification among the community. It has been said before, but it appears to need to be said again.


Toxic beahvior is:
– Killing crew members with barrels.
– Putting your own anchor down, for no reason.
– Adjusting your own sails out of the wind.
– taking hold of the helm and going AFK.
– Intentionally damaging your own ship, with Gunpowder or by running aground.
– Killing animals for your crew's merchant voyages.
– Dropping your own crew's loot overboard while sailing.
– Spamming offensive voice or text chat, either to your crew, or others. (Healthy smack talk is not trolling. When you get into insults, racism or sexism, it is trolling)



Trolling is Not:
– Killing another player. (Even if they are shouting "We're Friendly!")
– Sinking another boat. (Even if they have no loot onboard)
– Spawn killing other players for gain. (Such as stopping them from repairing, stealing supplies, or stealing loot)
– Spawn killing other players while you use their ship to kill another enemy ship.
– Killing other players in your alliance.
– Leaving an alliance to turn in loot for your gain.
– Sinking a boat in your alliance to take their loot.
– Using the alliance system to find, and betray the other members on the map.
– Sinking another boat that is fighting a skull fort.
– Sinking another boat that is fighting the skeleton ships.


I will probably get a lot of hate and downvotes for this. But, the misconception that playing a game based around pirates, in a dirty and mischievous way, is somehow trolling? Is aggravating to say the least. It is downright infuriating when you want a good fight, and everyone you encounter wants to play sea of friends.

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