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Toxic new players in bulk

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I absolutely respect a round of pvp and I'm sunk. Fair enough you bested me. Most of the time i dont have loot anyway and it was just fun and exciting to fight and see the outcome.

Lately however, lots of (i can only assume) new players with default clothes and ships having been attacking us SCREAMING racial slurs and other bad name calling non-stop.

They sound old enough to not use such language, yet here they are calling me and my crew "12 year old fags" before we've even had a chance to speak. And usually its their galleon vs our brig or sloop, so we sink and just get slammed with how "shit, garbage,…" we were and how this is going on twitch.


I know this kind of behavior isnt unknown to this community, but my question is has anyone noticed a rise? Since pc and xbox copies went on sale. Like just calm the hell down and play. Either ill sink you or you sunk us. I dont want to have to always have my chat muted forever incase of nice players wanting to group up and such.

Appreciate the chance to rant and would like to know if you have been experiencing this excess of cancer


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