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Trolled a troll today at Skull Fort.

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My friends and I tend to play for long extend hours without server hopping and hit every skull fort that pops. Just as the Skull fort pops today one of our group member's crash and before she has a chance to rejoin a rando joined, We will call him John for the sake of the story.

We ask John nicely if he will leave. Instantly he refuses. We are currently sitting on skull fort with an incoming Galleon. We ask John again if he would please leave and he starts responding with a barrage of slurs and insults, By this time we brig him. The incoming Galleon makes its way into the beach of the skull fort and we sink it as it started firing on us.

Once the Ship is down I see one of the other crew members on the ground, I ask them to bring there ship back, explain to them that we have someone in our brig that we don't want any loot and just want to help to just make it that much worse for John, As we wait for the ship to return, John continues to spout slurs and continues to tell us hes not leaving until he gets paid, Says if we give him 5000 he will leave moving onto physical threats shortly after.


Soon enough the Galleon makes its way back to us and there Captain asks for permission to board to see our prisoner, I allow it and request him to kill him as well, Before he does so he ask him what he did to upset our crew so badly that got him brigged, and he starts spouting off slurs to the captain of the other ship. At this point the other captain feels pity for us, and pulls out his blunder buss and kills him each time he respawns.

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We finish the fort and all of us sail off on the other Galleon as his voice fades for the other crew we also mute him our selfs to enjoy our victory over him, Giving all the loot to the amazing crew that made our night so much better, The moment he shot the man in our brig made my night.

We continued our night chasing ships and forcing them into friendship, By the end of the night we were playing as a 10 man sloop doing missions for the sloops captain.

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