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Trust but verify.

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Most of the time people either sink everything they see or try to be as friendly as possible to diffuse situations, but rarely do people really pay attention as situations develop and watch for shadiness. Here's a little nugget from the end of my last nights voyages.

So our galleon with a full legend crew comes into port at Golden sands, just having finished two Athena's runs and being decently laden with goods aside form the two legend chests. We see a sloop parked back closer to the tavern rather than the actual dock so the hair on the back of our neck goes up.

While we're not averse to combat in any way, we try to hold engagements if it looks like the other crew may not be malicious, particularly if we are rolling up on you. So we fire off our senior boarder toward their ship and park at the dock. Captain Takes over-watch with his sniper from the wheel and two of us start of with the legend chests.

Our boarder confirms their new and not aggressive and keeps them entertained/covered while we turn in the chests. With that done captain comes off over-watch and we start a sell rotation so that one of us is on the ship as we go. The sloop crew gets curious and wanders over to the vendors and captain hangs back by the vendors with our boarder seeing if they can get their mics working.


We get to selling off the rest of the loot, while they wander closer to the ship, we start dropping down our sizable gunpowder reserve and offload the spare animals we no longer need as we passed on doing a third Athena's but had plenty of spare animals aboard.

Once the ship is clear we take the barrels and we line the lower, mid and upper deck with spaced out charges and set a final barrel on the back railing to be visible to our sniper. We take a few minutes to get the sloop crew to face he ship and they finally get their mics working, they turn on the pier to watch the ship and our boarder fires at the rear barrel setting of a magnificent chain reaction of explosions that nearly instantly sinks the ship.

The sloop guys are both impressed by the display and I ask if they'd like to see the legend area? They enthusiastically say yes and I lead then over to the Tavern and tell them its inside and let them enter in ahead of me…

Where they are promptly butchered by the 15 or so snakes we had moved form the ship to the tavern because we are terrible people. Their cries of "OH GOD WHATS HAPPENING!?" were amazing before they dissipated in a green flash.

We logged for the night and I slept very well.

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