Sea of Thieves

tThe true thief of the sea ,

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Is me. This Reaper's mark is wonderful. I can get all these goons to come to my ship when I put it on and I can steal their treasure.

just tonight, I was waiting at theives haven, when a Brig started to creep its way in. Lucky me I was prepared. I jumped from the island onto their mast and waited. fired off a bullet near the captain's wheel and three of them scurred over to it. I lept down and slashed two to hell, the other ran for it but a quick pistol to the back and he hit the deck. I grabbed their one bit of booty and was on my way. Sadly to their demise a skelly on a cannon to the opportunity to make swiss cheese of the ship as it bumbled around in the heaven.


next, I was sailing around some Brigs and a Galley but they weren't taking the bait. so I waited until a brig stopped over at a little island and anchored. I was on them like a fly on shit, caught them with their pants down and blasted them just before they got an order of souls mission done. They ran off as I finished the captain with a barrel. they chased me around until I decided the boat isn't worth it. so I hopped off and joined theirs. I kept telling them we need to go to an outpost so I could drop off their skull, but they just went back to fighting the skellys. so I to the liberty of unanchoring their ship and sailing to an outpost. once they got a clue and spawned back I hopped off since they knicked me with a sniper shot. sawm my merry way and called it a night.

anyone else ever swipe some treasure? dump it overboard? mess with their cannons?

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