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Turkey Brawl Galleon PvP Event

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Ahoy Landlubbers! We come to you with an open invitation to prove you are the most formidable crew upon the Sea of Thieves. As a Thanks Giving themed event we will be hosting a 1v1 PvP Galleon tournament on the 18th November at 12pm EST, to pit together the best crews in all out warfare to see who comes out on top. There will be prizes at the end for the winners of the tournament as well as bragging rights of your valiant victories. As long as you have a strapping crew of four members you are welcome to sign up. The rules are as follows:

  • The Ships will be restricted within a 3×3 grid area around a select location (still to be decided) and will battle it out till only one ship is left floating. Ships must not leave this area for too long else they will be disqualified. If a victor isn't declared in the area after 20 minutes, the battle area will be shrunk and access to only front and back sails will be permitted to ensure more frequent combat opportunities.

  • Ships will be restricted to 15 planks, 15 bananas and 45 cannonballs for the fight. Players may also fill their pockets full of supplies beforehand. No resource gathering is allowed during a battle. Cursed Cannonballs, Gunpowder barrels, Rowboats and loot items are not allowed!

  • Players may use any slot weapons of their choosing and any techniques they may know of to aid them in the battles to sink opponents. However any obvious forms of external hacks will result in a disqualification.

  • Any crew may sign up by posting their interest here. If any fleets/communities wish to join, we respectively only allow entries of 2 crews per community, so we have enough space for anyone who wishes to partake. Gamertags of competitors and one substitute must be posted along with your ship's/team name here. A roll call will be held at 12pm EST on the date for competing crews, if you do not turn up in time with the names listed in signups you will not be able to partake.

We wish all who choose to sign up the best of luck in getting through to the tournament and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask on here or contact our event organizer Nephrosis by adding them on discord here: neph#8471


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