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Two Days In – In Love with SoT

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First of all, I doubt anyone will read this, and I never fanboy or text wall about anything, but I feel like I need to this time.

When this game first came into beta, I watched a couple streamers play, looked kinda fun but the “lack of content” kind of turned me off to it. Seemed bland. I’ve never been one to like movies or game with little to no story. However, my wife is a huge PotC fan, so the hype was real with that one. After it released, it wasn’t in the cards to purchase a game like this for full price, life was rough at that point. Then the game pass has an offer for $1 for the first month. I grabbed it super quick… that was three days ago. Used my potato net to download it and started playing it two days ago… and oh my god, this game is amazing. The wife was in heaven and I was in awe of this games beauty and gameplay, especially on my XB1X. For a game with “no content,” Ive already had two memory-making experiences in just two days!! Story time! Day 1 – We we’re going for Perfect Dark cheivo. Sail right into the storm, turn the lights off, and just keep sailing. Apparently it’s bugged for some as we didn’t get the pop, but I look aft to port and here comes a freaking galleon out of nowhere, we’re both yelling, and it turns away right at the last minute because in front of us is another galleon. We go wide open to get the hell out of dodge. Such an amazingly fun experience. Day 2 – Solo, just got done playing with a buddy and decided to do one last skull voyage before heading to bed, get to the second target after no problems and there’s a galleon on the other side of the island… thinking of just giving up and calling it quits. I say screw it and head to the island. I get the notification that the captain was defeated and here comes one of the galleon crewmen with the skull. He drops it on the cliff edge closest to my ship, waves, and runs away. I grab the skull, smiling, and head back to port. Here they come, they land at port and start selling their stuff. Soon afterward, I’m sitting in my boat, about to hop offline, and all three of them are in my sloop. We start drinking together as here comes another galleon. One of the other crewmen starts firing my cannon at it as I raise anchor and drop the sail. The next 20 minutes is a four person sloop running circles around a galleon, putting holes in it. We eventually are sunk because I wasn’t able to evade being rammed by the enemy, but I made new friends. This game is freaking amazing already and I’m already obsessed with it, to top it all off, it’s made by one of my favorite developers since I was a child. I love you, Rare.

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