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Two Shot and Spawn Traps

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A little back story here of a questionable encounter I had last night. A friend and I were working on the reapers mark voyages last night and collecting chickens for a lower end merchant quest. We were 2 maning a galleon and waiting for our 2 other crew mates to get on , so pretty standard stuff this week.

As we collected chickens we return to see a brig pulling up next to our ship. We didn't initially expect hostilities because they easily could have attacked the ship as it was unoccupied when they arrived. However a fight started the moment we made contact and when they two shot my crew mate on the deck. Everything is well and fine up to this point and nothing unexpected or unusual until I die instantly from our ladder and the one who killed me did so in mid air from jumping off the front of our ship. Im thinking wiw they got pretty lucky on those two kills and was ready to get back at it.

There are only two of them and two of us and both of them were using the pistol and eye of reach combo. (Ive run into it before but not like this) They were able to spawn trap the galleon so when even both of us spawned they could two shot and instantly kill us. They had a person positioned behind the helm and one on the front of the ship and we would only spawn at the helm unfortunately. We broke the lock a few times temporarily only to be two shot across the entire deck,mid air,in the water ect until we scuttled. We had our other two crew men join and a brig from our alliance come over to fight these two people who had just spawn locked us. It took 7 pirate legends to beat two people two shotting us. We fought them in open water and we sunk them after all was said and done.

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The entire group has hundreds of hours for each individual but we have never seen people who could move and land two shot combos on the move, mid air,in the water, ect like these guys. I have come across people using two gun set ups before but nothing like them , their movements and the fact that I don't think they missed that combo even once at range made me is suspicious. I killed them both perhaps a couple times each while they resupplied or were below deck but it was a chore. I play on PC and two of our other guys do as well so our accuracy and speed is typically very effective in PVP. Even good fights/battles we hold our own against multiple crews just fine. We couldn't even keep up with these guys like they were moving twice our speed and bunny hopping reloading, and shooting without any animation interuptions.

I viewed their profiles and they are rather new on Xbox with a very low gamerscore for both. This led me to believe they may be using fake accounts,cheat trainers,crossair overlays ,and possibly macros based on their consistent accuracy ,speed and movements. I don't think they fumbled with the combo even once in the fighting from what any of us could see. The best way to describe it was mechanical, nothing seemed ususl or natursl about this encounter.

Have any of you encountered similar experiences? Also should there be a fix or mechanism to prevent the two shot combo? I don't want to remove peoples ability to choose a loadout or prevent two gun combos but the ability to aim the pistol fire ,switch to rifle ,release aiming, and fire again makes two shots hit almost exactly the same spot avross a deck and instantly kills the opponent. This seems like a cheesy exploit that could be enhanced through macros, crossair overlays,cheat trainers to what I believe my crew and I saw.

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