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Unpopular Opinion: The new inventory system is good

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There's been a lot of dislike for the new barrel system, but hear me out.

The new inventory system has allowed for something quite spectacular – you are able to stock up regular island barrels. Consider the potential here, you can launch of a guy on an island and he can work on moving all the resources to a barrel close to the shore while your crew is doing its usual thing. Then you come by later and park your ship right next to this barrel for easy stocking up. An issue here is that at some point the island resources refresh, and when this happens your mega barrel also refreshes. A simple fix from Rare could solve this issue I'm sure.

Another complaint I heard is that it is too hard to get to the exact cannonball you want, but did you know you can cycle through all your cannonball types by hitting the hotkey over and over just like how you cycle your instruments? This is seriously a non-issue. I agree that when hitting Tab/Menu it should go to your resources and not your equipment, but with hotkeys it doesn't really matter.


A few good legitimate complaints are that it's annoying not knowing which barrels are empty, which I agree with and could be fixed. It's also annoying that I can't simply press a button to start dumbing my resources into a barrel anymore, which I agree with. This could be fixed by simply re-enabling the feature. Whatever item is in your hand can get dumped into an appropriate barrel with the press of a single button. With a press of another button, you start grabbing the first slotted item from a barrel until you can't hold anymore, then you'll start picking up the next slotted item and so on.

Overall the new system is pretty great! It just needs a little polishing.

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