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Wasting a Pirate legends time

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I got chased for an hour+ worth of time tonight.

First time was about 20 minutes. It was a brig with the green glowing circle sails. I only had a captains chest, but they were not getting it. After about 20 minutes of heading into the wind on my solo sloop they gave up. This was around 8 to 8:30 central US time. Technically this one wasted mine and their time.

Close to 10 central time a buddy had logged in and we had done a fairly long gold horders voyage. We had 1 message in a bottle voyage left to kill two skelly captains before we were logging off to go to bed. Well low and behold in the middle of it a brig with the green glowing circle sails showed up again.

One of them shot themselves at us from the cannon. I raised anchor and headed into the wind again. We had a blue dapple snake, a foul bounty skull, 3 powder kegs, and a seafarers chest. Nothing that would hurt my feelings to lose. We just kept into the wind and led them around the map. I put a few holes in them with a couple of the powder kegs. We were grabbing our loot and swimming into the middle of no where and taking mermaids back to the boat to make sure they wouldn't get anything if they did sink us. After like 30 minutes or so we ran into the skelly ships. They persisted so we just headed into red waters and let our boat sink.


My buddy logged off.

I spawned by my boat not far from where we went off the map. I sailed back and headed toward the brig. I got their attention and the chase was back on. Once again I sailed into the wind. I led them around the map for another 20 minutes or so. I would raise sails if I got to far ahead or if they looked like they were breaking off the chase. Finally got bored of it and positioned myself to take a few shots at them. I fired a few cannon balls and proceeded to log out as they got close.

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It felt good to waste their time. I figure I kept some other pirate from being harassed.

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