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Watch out for someone (cannot name and shame)

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So, I just had a very unpleasant run in with this guy. He was hosting an LFG for an Athena’s quest, so naturally I thought it was a nice idea and joined.

First thing he said was about my being English makes me a bad player. That’s fine, not sure of the logic there, but fine. He begins to tell me that we will be ‘3 manning the quest’ because now that he’s pirate legend he doesn’t need to actually play, so we would do it for him while he went to dinner with his wife. That sucks a bit, mostly joined because I thought it would be fun, but that’s fine, if that’s how he wanted to play the game, then we might as well get 2 more guys that wanted to do the quest and have our own fun.

So we get a full party, on and off. Some guys join and don’t like the thought of carrying him so they leave immediately. But eventually there’s enough people who just want to do the quest.


As we load in, he starts making a bunch of comments about Arabs and Muslims, like pretty nasty racist stuff. This is where I take issue. I tried to ignore it but he just wouldn’t stop. So I tell him to stop being a bigot. He then begins ranting about how I have no life, no friends and some more foul racist verbal vomit. Lots of islamaphobic comments. We argue until he cancels the quest, somehow sinks the ship and leaves.

Following this he messages me, trying to frame me for racist comments and falsely reporting me for the exact comment he himself made.

So, I want the community to help me out. I think this guy needs to be outed, somehow, so that if people run across him, they know to avoid him. Naming and shaming is not allowed, so I won’t, but I want to. This guy is disgusting, and I think that this community is great and deserves better than this piece of trash. Help me out guys.


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