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We can be Heroes, just for one day

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My journey to Pirate Legend has been one fraught with backstabbing, treachery, double dealing, and more often than not been griefed, mainly from the younger pirates that seem to scream and shout from island to island in their quest for mad epic props. So forgive me if life has turned me into a cynical, untrusting, scrupulous and more often than not quick to shoot pirate.

Captain Fet is my name, and this is my tale of a crew of younglings who I allied with in a Skelly ship battle, to which I had no intention of sharing the spoils, as I was sure of tom foolery and treachery when all was said and done.

I joined this alliance while soloing a Brig. Theirs was a galleon, a full crew, but by their chitter chatter I could tell they were young, very young. I was guessing not one of them yet had a whisker on their chin. The worst type of crew to ally with, I thought with a scowl. I would deal with these urchins once I had me commendations and take the loot before they took me. It’s a sea dog eat dog life out there after all dontcha’ know?

The fight got underway; the Skellies putting up a fair fight, showering our ships with those cursed balls that drop your anchor. Tis a cheap trick to use for sure, but these are Skellies after all, up to all kinds of mischief and mayhem. However my supplies were running low by the fourth wave, and I knew those lads were also running low due to their howls and wails over the speaking horn. They were low on cannon balls, but they were putting up a grand fight and I had a little grudging respect for them, especially as they had followed my bellowing orders to the letter and done exactly what I told of them. Anyhows, been the canny sailor I am, I decided to put my ship on the other side of the galleon, so they could take the heat from the skellies. Disaster befell me then. The last remaining skelly ship had out witted me and dropped my anchor with those cursed balls. A pummeling I took and was on my journey to meet Davey Jones.

I set my sail in my new ship towards a nearby fort were I stocked up on supplies for the next 15 or so minutes. In the distance I could still hear the booms of the battle which surely would soon be lost. I was done with this fight, time for a new adventure, I thought to myself.


160 cannon balls in my barrels, and more than a few planks of wood and bananas later, I carried a barrel of TNT up to the nest were I saw with my scope the battle still raging on. I raised an eyebrow in surprise, I was impressed. There were now two Skelly boats attacking them, which meant they had managed to get to the final wave. They were out of supplies for sure, and now the Captain was upon them. Imagining those plucky lads that followed my orders without question to be run down at the last gasp by the merciless Captain had a funny effect on myself. Before I knew it I was turning the capstan and setting the sail back into the battle I had recently washed my hands off.

By the time I had re-entered the fray, there was only the Captains ship left, those lads impressed me more and more. I learned later they had used the last of their barrels of TNT on the second to last skelly ship and were using buckets of water to sink the boat. Bless them. However they were now in a desperate situation, as I could see their anchor was down and the Captain’s ship had moored up along side them and they were taking a right pummeling for sure. A madness took me, but a madness that I will forever treasure. I aimed my Brig betwixt the galleon and the skelly ship and dropped my anchor. As my ship came to a sudden stop inbetween the galleon and the skellies, I sent volley after volley into the Captains boat. A joyous sound hit me then. The young lads were cheering me, making my old cold heart swell with a sudden pride.

‘HE’S BACK’ I heard them cry ‘CAPTAIN FET IS BACK, YAYYYYYY!’ Those words and cheers will forever stay with me, and a smile crosses my face whenever I think of it.

‘C’mon lads’ I hollered gruffly over their cheers ‘restock up I have cannon balls to share and planks of wood aplenty, lets git ya ship shape again’

Half an hour later we were moored at an outpost, loot cashed in and stories of the battle of the defeat of the Skelly Captain were being told with many an exaggeration of personal deeds and exploits with generous amounts of grog splashing over tankard rims. And they recounted many a time, of when I turned the tide of the battle and saved the day, reappearing as from nowhere, unannounced and unexpected. They never knew the truth of that day, nor shall they ever hear of it. They never knew I meant to betray them. They never knew I was a scoundrel who had no tolerance for these young breed of pirates. They never knew any of this, because right now, what they did know, was that I was a hero. And for this one day, I felt like one.

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