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We need a way of calling a Mermaid to appear to get back to our ships

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - We need a way of calling a Mermaid to appear to get back to our ships

Cursed Sails has been great but has highlighted to me something I've been thinking about this for a while, and that we need a way of calling a mermaid to appear while we are in the water.

Currently there is 3 ways to get back to your ship –

Swim opposite direction till you get far enough away from your ship for the mermaid to appear
Get lucky enough to get on a ship (either enemy or your own if they sail back past)
Die – sweet release of death and respawn.

What I have found is on occasions that you try to board or get knocked off, and then your unable to get back onto a ship that you end up swimming for minutes at a time. And if your trying to swim opposite direct to force the mermaid to spawn and your own ship gets too close to stop the mermaid from spawning, but not close enough to be able to reboard.
This is highlighted in the Cursed Sails ship fights where your in the water and the ships are sailing circling around, and the mermaid just doesn't want to spawn. Your left in the water till either a shark kills you or your forced to drown yourself. I had an instance in the last week where the ship was just outside of reach as it was just travelling too fast. I spent 5 minutes in the water, while my Galleon was 3 manning and being sunk due to some unlucky cursed cannonballs.


I understand there would be potential issues of exploits when attacking a ship and sending attacker constantly with a quicker way of calling the mermaid, but perhaps to balance have an internal timer of 15 seconds of being in the water, only then can you call a mermaid to your side regardless of how close your own ship was located.

Gameplay Idea of calling with the Lantern – similar to how they seem to do the same to us:

TL;DR – Please Rare give us a way of summoning our Mermaid friends!

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