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We need some filters when picking players to be in Open crews.

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For novelty, I decided to try out some Open crews. I am pretty good at the game, and I wanted to help some new people out.

A few issues I had:

AFK Players – people who would either never participate, or would participate a little but stand around doing nothing mostly. I understand how vote kick can be abused but it makes me furious for someone to join when we have 5-6 treasure chests on the ship, have them emote, and go afk for two hours and get rewarded.

Players who don't speak – Language barriers are a thing sure. But people don't use pirate chat wheel, which makes it incredibly difficult to express anything, let alone complex actions 'lets sneak up from behind them' or 'come help cancel this voyage'

Players who don't listen – I don't mind people who don't speak English. Even as a PC player, I use the 'pirate chat' wheel when they don't speak English. The issue is, they don't listen, and they do their own thing – even when we literally are sailing the wrong way, or have left treasure behind, or keep dropping the anchor when they could just raise the sails

No punishment for griefing – Not everyone does it deliberately. But combined with the above, I have lost count on how many times I have done everything myself to set us off (somehow everyone votes for a voyage), sail to an island, and nobody does anything – I go on the island, find a chest, bring it back… and they've sailed off. That, or we go to a shipwreck – and in the time I am underwater, someone has raised anchor and sailed off – ignoring 'I'm holding the Villanous Bounty Skull!'



More specific chat wheel options – as well as having those options hidden from opposing crews. Should be able to ask specific people to do specific tasks – "Pirate327, come vote on the Voyage!" when you're looking at the voyage table, for instance. or "Make sure to grab resources!"

A vote up/vote down system for crew members. If someone does nothing to help, doesn't try, doesn't communicate? Down voted. If someone does well? Up voted. People will be more likely to be paired with people their own number of votes

Filters. None of these would be hard and fast filters, but rather suggestions to assist players in getting a good game.

  1. 'Communication is key in Sea of Thieves. Would you prefer to be paired with other pirates who speak the same language as you?'

Strongly Prefer


Don't Mind

  1. "Not everyone may be as experienced as you are. Do you mind being put in a crew with lower level players?"


Preferrably not

  1. Which would you identify as most?

Gold Hoarder, Treasure Chest Hunting

Order of Souls, Skeleton Hunting

Merchant Alliance, Animal Trader

Mixed PvP

No Preference

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