Sea of Thieves

We need spears/harpoons.

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I'd like to see spears as a findable weapons that you could carry along with your other weapons and gather on your boat. They could do a poke attack for really low damage(10-12%) and a throw attack that could instakill any enemy pirate it speared(multi-kill!). The throw would obviously take a few seconds to charge up like the sword lunge and you'd have to restrict the aim after the charge begins so that the spear doesn't become op at close range. What do you guys think? They are already in the game and can be seen stuck to sharks. Maybe they could be used a couple times before they break. It would be cool to be able to throw them back if it stuck in the ground/deck near you. Maybe you could even use the to climb? Throw a few in the side of an enemy ship for a third way up. I'm no sure how the poke attack should be rounded out. Maybe 4-5 pokes before a cool down period? I don't think that would be OP because of the low damage output of the poke.


I think this could freshen up PVP and would be better than nerfing/buffing the current weapons. I'd also like to see a bow/crossbow in the game but I think spears have more potential for comedic and engaging gameplay.


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