Sea of Thieves

Weapon Variety Suggestion

Sea of Thieves 10 - Weapon Variety Suggestion

Just throwing a suggestion out there for more variety in land based combat.

We currently have 1 melee weapon and 3 ranged weapons, and the meta is tending towards double guns.

There should be more melee weapon variety,

The boarding axe has already been mentioned, it's role is good for boarding and possibly a utility to remove boards patching the ship. I suggest 2.5x time to pull one off than it takes to patch. Only blocks 50% incoming damage so it is definitely geared for offensive roles.


A rapier, Bear with me here, this weapon can be used to position and line up enemies, it has no swing that hits all enemies in the cone in front of you. Instead it is focused on the 50% centre of your screen (ie 25% I 50% I 25%) Within that 50% of your screen the weapon hits, and only targets infront of you, it passes 20% damage through blocks. It does some very minor knockback with each hit and less damage than a cutlass.

A Halberd, This weapon is basically the reverse of the rapier, it swings and is geared against large groups of enemies. Ideally for Athena ambient swarms and skullforts. It has plenty of reach and acts as area denial in your immediate zone but is much slower than all the other weapons and slightly more damage. Blocks only 40% of incoming damage.

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