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Well, I’m giving up on skeleton fleets completely

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - Well, I'm giving up on skeleton fleets completely

Decided to try soloing a skeleton fleet in a brig. Originally I went over to see how long I lasted, and quit my session when I sank, but I took down the first wave, so I decided to carry on, mostly to see if I could. Took me probably at least hour to do, sank a couple times (mostly because I got greedy with gunpowder), but I managed to get to the last wave. Got it down to one ship left, and I confirmed that it was the captain ship, I saw his red name tag. I finally sink him, and… nothing. No loot. I noticed 3 barrels in the water, maybe they came from his ship, or maybe they were left over from the other ship, I don't know. I searched for a good while and found nothing.

Until they change how the fleet raids are done, I will not be doing them. Even when doing them as intended, with multiple ships, it's a pain. A huge time sink. Even when they doubled the rewards, I still felt it wasn't enough. They really need to change that last wave. I have done a raid before where we sank the captain ship without knowing it, while there was still one of the other ones alive. Sank that last one and got next to nothing, realising the captain loot has probably already come and gone.


The main thing I'd change is that last wave. The captain ship should be its own wave, by itself. There wouldn't be any confusion. The fort raid doesn't have that problem. For me, the ideal way to have it would be 3-4 regular waves, and then one final one with just the captain ship. They could make the captain ship harder as well. With one less wave in the middle and putting the captain by himself, I'd even be alright with them halving the loot back to what it started at. I think I'd actually have fun doing them.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on that. Probably just still really bitter about missing out on the loot, but I still won't be doing the fleets again any time soon.

tldr; solo'd a skeleton fleet but the captain ship didn't drop loot.


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