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What a night! You know who you are

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So last night me and my friend hopped on hoping to do some of the skeleton ships with some other people on LFG. We found 2 guys to play with and maybe 20 minutes after getting on a server we had a galleon pull up and ask us to join their alliance. They had another galleon in the alliance as well so we pleasantly agreed. We all joined the same Xbox party chat so we could communicate better(yes it did get hectic lol). After gathering supplies we decided to split the 12 of us onto 2 galleons just for the sake of having more concentrated firepower and less worrying about repairs. After about 40 mins we won the battle and headed to the outpost with our spoils. My friend and I had the same idea as I seen him hide a skeleton captain skull in our ship as I was heading to hide the chest downstairs. Unsurprisingly some of the other crew found both of them as we were unloading all our loot collectively in a pile on the dock. Things started getting hectic as everyone was trying to figure out how to split it. I suggested the idea that each of the 3 crews gather in their own group and we would fairly split the loot by each group. They were alright with the idea until 1 crew kept grabbing things from the other piles. Tensions were rising for a few minutes until I heard a pirate scream “First come first serve bi*ch!”. The madness that ensued after that looked like Black Friday in a Walmart and surprisingly no one opened fire… yet. All the loot was cashed in and we had some laughs. We all decided to go to the tavern and get hammered for the achievement. That’s were the slaughter started and didn’t end until the last man was standing. Not exactly how I expected the loot to end but all in all it was a great experience and I had a blast. Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me


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