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What a Wild Ride!!

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Last night was probably the best Sea of Thieves experience I've had so far!

Tl;dr a galleon screwed us over but we prevailed in the end.

So I joined a pirate legend on a LFG. He wanted to do the commendations, and I did too. So I load in and he's collecting gun powder barrels because we were going to fight the skelly ships. We're on a brigantine and he invites another player to join us. While we're stocking up, a galleon pulls up and PL yells "Le'ts form an alliance!" (he didn't have a mic), and they join our alliance and invite us to their party. I explain to them that we're stocking up our ship to do the skelly ships and that we are trying to get the commendations. So they kindly help us stock our ship, and the kid on their crew gives us their cursed cannon balls, NICE! At this point, the other guy in our crew leaves.

We head out to the skelly ships, and man these guys are annoying AF. Three of them are new and one of them is brand new because he didn't know anything! He was also loud and obnoxious. He asks us to invite his brother to our ship because we have an open slot, so we do. PL messages me expressing his annoyance at these guys and getting a noob on our crew, but also "Honestly they're our meat shield" We fight the ships and beat them all. Our ship was closest to the captains ship so we had more loot. Two of the galleon crew stay on our ship to "protect the loot", leaving the other two to sail their ship.

At this point a skull fort pops up so PL wants to go do that. So I change course. There is a sloop at the fort, so we shoot it down. Then the brother starts saying "They're taking our treasure, they're taking our chests." referring to the galleon. So I start firing cannons at them, and god bless that kids heart, he is trying to keep the peace soooo bad, and PL too, so I stop firing at them, but they don't stop shooting at us. So the brother then leaves the game. We manage to stay afloat because they are terrible shots and only hit us few times.

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This kid is pissed with his crew and kegs them! They vote him into the brig, and I invite him to our game, because he's cool (He never ended up joining us though, but I know he left the game). Their galleon goes down, so me and PL go grab the loot they had taken from us. We grab the expensive stuff, and see them sailing hard to catch us, so we leave some loot in the water and GTFO. At this point I leave the party chat because they were salty and pissed and our alliance is disbanded.


We start driving by the outposts to sail a piece of loot at a time. Three of them hop off to my one, and kill me at golden sands and take our skelly captain skull. But we manage to sell the other skull and two chests by going back and forth. At some point, a sloop starts chasing the galleon and firing at them! PL then decided to drive threw some rock formations because "They're noobs did you see them crash earlier xD?" And we lose them. We stop at a fort to gather supplies, and I create a LFG and invite someone else. PL leaves suddenly because something came up and he had to go.

Stocked up, we head back to the fort, but the galleon isn't there, and a sloop is. We ally with the sloop and help them with the fort. We see the galleon coming back, and they end up sinking the sloop, but one of the sloops crew members kegged them and the galleon sinks too. We all laugh and carry on. We finish the fort and start loading up but the galleon is persistent and comes back. At this point the sloop is also back. The galleon gets stuck on some rocks? or something, so our brigantine had rock cover from them but were still able to shoot, so we lay into them. The sloop sails around the fort to park beside them and fires at them too. I get confirmation that is was the galleon from before when I snipe one of them and see his name. Their ship sinks, and we finish loading up the loot onto the brigantine. The guys on the sloop only wanted tea, nothing else, because they were just "messing around". SCORE!!!!

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We get to the outpost and who show's up? The galleon. At this point, the sloopers are excited to see them because they want to blow them up, so they load their bow with kegs and ram the galleon, sinking both ships, but the sloop crew lives, and we kill the galleon crew members before they get to shore.

We finish selling our stuff and ended the night there.

It was intense and the most exciting Sea of Thieves has ever been for me!

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