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What Battle Royale might look like in Sea of Thieves

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What I would imagine as a rough draft of Sea of Thieves Battle Royale is six Galleon Crews forced to fight over a stronghold, no respawns. The devils shroud would encompass the entire map save for where the Galleon's sail in from towards the Stronghold. All the Galleon's will start with a set amount of cannonballs, bananas, planks. The shroud only moves once, at the beginning of the game, to push all of the Galleons within cannon distance of the Stronghold. The shroud acts exactly like it does in the base game, if you go out into it, you take holes on the ship. No Skeleton waves to complete on the island, but ambient Skeletons will spawn to man the cannons and be annoying. Crews will have the ability to replenish supplies from the island, and retrieve cursed cannonballs and gunpowder as well. Crew members respawn on ships like normal, and the way to eliminate people fully is to sink the ship. Once there is only one crew remaining (all ships sunk, all other players killed), the game ends and they are immediately awarded gold, dabloons, faction experience, whatever. But make the reward something applicable to the open world Sea of Thieves as well. It's so simple, but would be so much fun PLEASE JOE NEATE MAKE IT HAPPEN


I am reposting this comment from the SoT forums so I can tank my Karma because I want to see what people on Reddit who don't necessarily troll the SoT forums think. When people think "SoT BR" I think they begin to make things really complicated and don't realize that the current base game mechanics and server capacity is all we need to make this work. We don't need 100 players per game, we need 24 players on six Galleons just utterly destroying each other while being peppered by a stronghold. This would be so much fun… call it Thieves Royale! (presented by Nick "Wicked" Waters) 😀


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