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What do you call this behavior?

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I joined a random galleon crew last night and started off fair enough. When I was getting cosmetics one of the other players kept swinging his sword at me to get everyone to the boat to select a voyage. They were wearing and using all the new player equipment and clothing, I assumed they must be a new player. I walk into the captains cabin and there’s a low level OoS mission down. I’m level 33 with the order so I dropped one of my missions down and we all agreed to it. We start sailing from Golden Sands to mermaids hideaway and as we pull away, a skull fort activates just to the north and we see a sloop on its way to it. Suddenly one of the crew member mics comes on-

“Hey, lets do the skull fort.”

None of us care.

“Have any of you ever done a skull fort before?”

I use text and say aye.

“I’m guessing you’re all pretty new to this game huh.”

Again I say no. So what you have the obsidian outfit (correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it a preorder bonus?) and didn’t you watch me place the higher level OoS mission down?


“Let’s do it. We’ll get way more gold and loot than this shitty mission.”

We all say no, but he takes the helm and starts turning us toward the fort all while saying things like the mission is shitty and we’re all just in this for gold and experience and shit. I get a message from the newer guy, “lock him in the brig.” I look at the crew screen and see there are two votes on him, so we lock him up. I take the helm and steer us around the fort as we’re getting shot. From the lower decks we hear him matter-of-factly saying “oh look! We’re under attack. Whaddaya know.” Even saying it again after we accidentally hit and island. When we arrive at mermaid isle he quits and we continue with the voyage and it ends up being a great voyage. Got a lot of gold, met some friendly pirates and made an alliance, had a good time.

So what if there’s a big event going on? that doesn’t mean you can speak for the rest of the crew and make decisions for everyone on your own.

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