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What I think would be the perfect solution for the availability of doubloons.

seaofthievesjpg 19c482 1280w 1024x576 - What I think would be the perfect solution for the availability of doubloons.

With the recent update, Rare has made it possible, to earn doubloons for the Cursed Crews commendations even after the event ends.

This should be possible with all past and future events!

Now some of you might think "But what's the purpose of events at all if they decide to do this?"

It's two things: Time limited cosmetics, which can be bought with doubloons in Dukes shop. They will give the players a reason to gather doubloons other than only for levels. The other thing are time limited campaigns, which also provide time limited cosmetics, which will never be made available again later. They feel unique and the event actually feels like an event, maybe even like a little story, like it was with Wanda.


This way, things will not feel that grindy since you can decide to hunt some statues and skeleton thrones today, while doing a few order of souls voyages to hit skeletons with cursed cannonballs and do the gunpowder skellies commendations.

The positive side effect is that the game will feel much less repetitive. You can actually decide what you want to do. While you can do that now as well, you feel rushed to grind for each event, because of the fear to miss out on the doubloons. In my opinion this should change. It makes me want to play the game less, because every time I think about starting up the game, I feel like having my freedom taken away. I must grind for the doubloons, before they get unavailable.

Rare, please consider changing this.

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