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What if we had the chests keys

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So what of my very first interrogation when the game came out was "now that i have this chest, how do i open it?" And honestly i've never really felt well with selling a close chest that a pnj would just buy.

After a while this game mechanic fits in and we don't really question the fact that we're selling hundreds/thousands of chests without having the opportunity to open a single one.

So as this game is famous for having all the players giving out suggestions and ideas, here's mine :

• Keys can be randomly found on islands and shipwrecks just like crates and jewels. They are stocked into the inventory but can be held and given, such as bananas

• Opening a chest with a key will disable the possibility to sell this chest to any gold hoarder, but will grant you randomly – Gold – Jewels – Skins (Ok i'd love to see skins looted by skellies, world monsters and whatever. but that's another topic)


• Value of any chest that is opened by a key is wide -> from 50% to 200% of the original value of the chest.

• After utilisation, the key is broken

• You could need more than 1 key to open the rarest of chests, OR there would be different type of keys that would open the different types of chests (it may be funnier to farm X keys than getting frustrated about having to find the unic "shiny sorrow key" hidden on the map tho).

• Chest of 1000 grogs and chest of sorrow would grant specific skin sets

• Keys could also be sold to the gold hoarder for some easy money.

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